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Study Actively!

Chances are you’re not studying enough. Or you’re studying too much. Or you’re studying for the right amount of time but the information isn’t sticking. Many schools don’t directly teach study habits, so you’re probably just doing a combination of what comes naturally to you and what your mom or dad has you in the […]

Organize Info in a Way Your Brain Can Retain

1. Use bullet points. Memorizing paragraphs is not only really hard to do, but it’s also counter productive. You want to be focusing on the most important information you’ll need to know. So write succinctly. Use bullet points when you can. And turn those bullet points into charts and lists. 2. Make charts and lists. […]

Brian’s Favorite Class to Teach

I took “World Writers” as an 8th grade student at Grace Church School in 1994-1995, and it was critical in launching me into a career writing and teaching literature. This is my 14th year teaching World Writers. From the beginning, my goals have been consistent: first, to encourage the students to think and write with […]