The Benefit of Summer Enrichment Sessions


While many students and families choose to take a well-deserved break following the exhaustion of a long school year, others decide that they’d like to continue tutoring sessions throughout the summer for enrichment purposes. For those who might ask, “What are the benefits of summer enrichment sessions?” the following is a list of reasons some continue tutoring throughout the summer:

Review of the previous year’s key concepts: With fewer obligations, assignments and responsibilities between school years, the summer is the perfect time for students to revisit important and challenging topics and units of study covered during the school year. Summer tutoring offers students a chance to focus on both fundamentals and tricky skills and concepts in order to solidify students’ understanding and gain confidence through additional exposure and practice.

Strengthen students’ foundation on which to build the following year: From school year to school year, students build on their knowledge and skills across subjects. Remaining in the practice of exercising basic and foundational skills, such as reading, discussing and writing, or applying basic number operations to realistic problem-solving situations helps students to maintain and strengthen the skills they have developed throughout their academic careers, and positions them for increased confidence and success as they begin the following school year. Whether parents are looking for a tutor for reading or a tutor for math, summer can be a great place to start.

Preview important topics for the upcoming school year/get a “head start”: Summer tutoring also offers students a chance to preview important and potentially challenging topics they can expect to encounter in their next school year. This helps them to prepare, and allows them an opportunity to seek and receive individual support, customized to their specific strengths, questions and challenges. In previewing the upcoming school year’s most important topics in a scenario that allows for small-group or individual support, students feel more prepared to persevere and problem solve when confronted with these topics during the school year. This practice affords students the ability to dedicate time and effort to their assignments and responsibilities across subjects during the school year, and consequently results in greater overall success, as the attention given to crucial and challenging topics, such as essay-writing or geometry, during the summer reduces their struggle throughout the academic year.

Prevent the “Summer Slide”: Many parents and teachers discuss and express concern over the “summer slide”: the notion that several weeks without practicing and applying the concepts and skills developed throughout the school year can in fact result not only in lack of progression, but in regression. Summer enrichment sessions help to prevent the summer slide, as they offer students a chance to reinforce the fluency they have developed across subjects. Continuing to exercise and apply the skills they have mastered during the school year throughout the summer results in greater success for students when they return to school. Specifically, students who maintain a consistent routine to allow for practice and reinforcement of fundamental skills are better equipped as they are presented with increasingly complex procedures and tasks each academic year, all of which derive from the basic facts and foundational skills on which they continuously build.

Connecting Students with Tutors

Step by step: the process of TWT connecting students with tutors

a student looking for a tutor.

You let us know your needs and goals

All students, even those at the top of their class, could benefit from academic support in some areas. In order to provide the greatest support across all subjects, Teachers Who Tutor provides expert tutors with extensive classroom experience who can help students in elementary, middle, and high schools with all subjects in public schools. We also offer specialized support for early childhood learners, as well as independent school students in lower school, middle school, and upper school. Tutoring is provided in math, including specific subjects such as Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Perhaps your child is struggling in class and needs support with reading comprehension, essay-writing, Spanish, Latin, or French? Or maybe you are looking to help your child with test preparation. Our test prep tutors assist students in preparing for exams such as the SAT, ACT, SHSAT, or ISEE, which requires many hours of studying and focus. The strengthening of executive functioning and organizational skills increases academic success immensely. In all areas of need, general or specific, Teachers Who Tutor is able to help.

Our team consults to match your child with the ideal tutors

Once we have learned about your specific needs and goals for tutoring, our team will carefully select the expert from our team of tutors who will offer the best support. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors have worked across all New York City neighborhoods whether in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx. So if you’ve searched for tutors near me and live on the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, Midtown, Tribeca, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Clinton Hill or anywhere in New York City and found Teachers Who Tutor, you’ve come to the right place.

Virtual learning is also an effective tutoring model, and remote tutoring sessions are now available. Our tutors have experience using Zoom, Google Classroom, Pear Deck, and other platforms to engage students effectively in virtual sessions. In matching students with exceptional New York City tutors, we consider areas of expertise and experience, personality and logistics in order to find the best match. Our talented tutors offer a wide array of strategies, programs and skills in order to increase student achievement, and have supported students and families using Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading Systems, The Hochman Method and many other specific programs proven to facilitate student progress upon request.

We share student learning profiles and scheduling preferences

After careful consideration of which of our excellent tutors would be the ideal match, we ensure that your scheduling requests are met and share important information to drive strong student outcomes. Information pertaining to specific talents, challenges, goals and personality traits of each student allows tutors to reflect and prepare to help in ways that allow for the formation of strong relationships, and result in the increase of student confidence, independence and performance.

You are connected with unparalleled teachers to help support your child

When we find the best tutor who is available to help, we connect families directly with the teacher so that they can communicate directly to discuss scheduling, logistics, and the ways in which the tutor may best support the student. This customized model of tutoring encourages each student to thrive while receiving individualized, targeted support in specific areas of focus. Time and time again, our students and families have seen the results they had hoped for when seeking help from the exceptional tutors at Teachers Who Tutor | NYC.