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Teaches seventh, eighth, and twelfth-grade English and history at Grace Church School. He has tutored and taught across the country at the grade school, high school, and undergraduate levels. Born and raised in downtown Manhattan, Brian attended Grace Church and Dalton and so, like Abby, he understands the independent school climate both from the student, educator, and parent’s perspective. A double major in English and French literature with a B.A. from Columbia, where he graduated summa cum laude, Brian then received his M.F.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins. In addition to being a teacher and tutor, Brian is a critically acclaimed novelist, whose second novel with Atria/Simon & Schuster will be published in March, 2020. Together, Abby & Brian write about homework and education for the New York Times and are the authors of THE HOMEWORK HANDBOOK, forthcoming from Avery/Penguin Random House.

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