Arkin Mehter


Middle & High School Science, Middle & High School Math

Has been teaching Science at all levels for 5 years, as well as tutoring math. Arkin currently teaches eighth grade Regents Living Environment and General Science, and has also tutored Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science, General Science and Algebra at middle school and high school levels. Additionally, he has also tutored students for AP as well as Regents exams. He earned a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Earth and Space Science from Stony Brook University and was enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. Along with his science tutoring experience, Arkin has tutored in middle school common core math, Algebra I+II and Trigonometry over the last several years. His focus in tutoring math (as well as science) is to demystify challenging and technical topics for students with productive discussion and practice. He also aims to uncover the broader purpose of math principles and concepts so that students can internalize content better. In his free time, Arkin enjoys reading, hiking and traveling.

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