Athena Costanza


Early Childhood, Elementary / Lower School, Middle School Generalists

Has been an educator for 14 years in New York City, with a focus on secondary education. For the past 13 years, she has taught special education, and subsequently was acting assistant principal in a transfer high school setting. This year, she is a SETSS and SEIT provider, both in the classroom and in the home, helping her students with literacy and numeracy, as well as preparing them for their state tests and Regents. Athena has a Masters in Secondary English Education, as well as a MSeD in Educational Leadership from Brooklyn College, and has NYS certifications in Students with Disabilities from Birth-Grade 12, English as a New Language, Secondary English Education, and School Building Leader. For fun, she likes to hang out with her kids, play the flute and piano, and write book reviews for a geeky website. Her goal is to get children to find reading as much fun as she does.

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