Spencer Baron


Middle & High School Foreign Language

A Chinese teacher in the Upper Division at Avenues: The World School. He teaches grades 9 through 12 Chinese as well as an Eastern Philosophy seminar and Kungfu for WAM (Wellness and Movement). Spencer has over a decade’s worth of teaching experience in martial arts and foreign language as well as his own study of the Chinese language. He also served as a Chinese instructor at the Middlebury College Chinese school. He previously worked as the Assistant Director of the Middlebury School in China (Beijing), a branch of the CET Academic Programs. Spencer earned a B.A. in Chinese studies and Japanese studies from the University at Albany. In addition to Mandarin Chinese, Spencer also speaks Japanese and Hebrew. When he’s not teaching, Spencer loves training Kungfu at the Shaolin monastery in China, studying East and South-Asian religions and playing with every dog he sees.

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