online and in-person private tutoring in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Hamptons.While traditionally tutoring has occurred in-person, at educational facilities or within the homes of students and families, the past year and a half has resulted in many changes, many of which posed initial challenges, but have ultimately allowed for positive outcomes. One such educational shift constantly discussed is the pandemic’s introduction of remote learning. While many families still prefer that their children receive instruction in-person, and feel that the classroom environment allows students the greatest opportunities to thrive academically, socially and emotionally, remote tutoring resembles in-person work in some ways, while also providing some differences that allow for additional student growth and development.


Individual and Small Group Support: Both in-person and remotely, our tutors offer stellar individual and small group support to their students. All tutoring is customized to the needs and goals of each student and family. Regardless of their physical location, our tutors provide quality support as they guide students towards mastery of key concepts, topics and skills needed to strengthen their academic performance, while also facilitating greater independence and general work and study habits to be applied throughout the academic careers, personal and professional lives of their students.

Shared Materials: Although not physically present to review and share materials with students, while delivering instruction and support remotely, our tutors are able to share and discuss materials with their students using technological tools such as Google Docs, PearDeck, and features of Zoom including the whiteboard and screen sharing. This allows for tutors and students to view, discuss and analyze the same materials simultaneously in order to reach the same learning outcomes experienced in in-person tutoring scenarios.

Opportunities for Modeling, Guided Practice and Independent Practice: Through the use of technological tools, our tutors are able to model important concepts, skills and procedures to students to aid in their learning and understanding. As in in-person tutoring situations, students are able to consider the information presented to them visually and verbally, and ask questions to clarify understanding as needed. Using technological tools offered by a variety of platforms, our tutors create opportunities for students to participate in guided and independent practice. As they review student work completed during each session, our tutors offer constructive and applicable feedback to students as they strengthen their skills and confidence across subjects.


Access to Tutors: One tremendous benefit of remote tutoring is the expansion of the pool of tutors to choose from. When the limits of geographic location are removed, students and families have the opportunity to connect with tutors who are able to offer the greatest support based on expertise, experience and personality. NYC Teachers Who Tutor partners with tutors who offer the highest quality of support across academic subjects and levels. Participating in remote tutoring allows for access to these tutors, regardless of the location of your home or ability to travel.

Convenience of Timing/Scheduling: Since remote tutoring does not require students or tutors to be in a specific place at a specific time, it allows for more flexible scheduling given a variety of situations. Students and tutors are able to meet on a consistent basis in order to ensure the delivery of meaningful and adequate support regardless of travel plans or unique circumstances.

Development of Life Skills: While all tutoring provides students with opportunities for problem solving, remote tutoring is unique in that students are presented with more personal responsibility. In order to gain the greatest benefit from remote tutoring sessions, students must take the initiative to attend meetings, exert effort, focus, and devote their time and attention to see growth and progress. Practicing these important skills allows for increased independence, confidence and motivation towards continued success across environments in students’ academic and personal lives.

Use of Technology to Collaborate: Finally, remote tutoring offers an exceptional opportunity to practice another life-long skill that students will undoubtedly require as they ultimately enter society outside of the classroom: the ability to use technology to communicate and collaborate with others. Individual and small-group online tutoring scenarios allow students the opportunity to socialize and collaboratively problem-solve with their peers and teachers through the use of technology. Whether keeping in touch with friends and family, or communicating with team members in offices outside of their city, this is just the beginning of the use of technology for social and work purposes in students’ lives. The development of these practical, life-long skills will serve students well far beyond their years in the classroom.