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Most students are required to take a foreign language in either middle or high school, if not sooner. Regardless of the language, these courses can be difficult. The team at Teachers Who Tutor is here to help.

If your child is having difficulty mastering a new language, you have come to the right place. Our foreign language tutors are experts with years of experience supporting students learning new languages including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Latin and Greek. Some students have difficulty with memorization of vocabulary, others with conjugating verbs in different tenses, correct pronunciation, or understanding grammatical nuances. At Teachers Who Tutor, we offer language tutors online and in-person for all levels of proficiency and across ages. Our teachers have experience supporting students with online language lessons and with different platforms so that they learn the necessary fundamentals to gain proficiency or mastery of a new language.

Our tutors first assess the goals for each individual, and ensure that the building blocks are in place in terms of vocabulary and fundamental grammatical concepts. They reinforce effective study habits so that each student has an opportunity for regular practice speaking, listening and writing the new language, as repetition is integral to internalizing new languages. Whether a student is taking language practice online or in person with our tutors, the goal is always to make it fun and engaging so that students can absorb as much of the language as possible.

Language is a crucial way to learn about and immerse students of all ages in a new culture. Exposure to a new language from a young age is optimal from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint, but rest assured that it is never too late to learn! Perhaps you have tried a program such as Duolingo, Italki or Babbel, and you’re looking to supplement your independent work with support from a master teacher. We offer private 1-on-1 classes and small group classes if your children and a few of their classmates would benefit from additional support.

The best way to learn foriegn languages is to live in a culture where they speak that language, and if you have access to foriegn exchange or study abroad programs, we highly recommend you take advantage of those opportunities. That said, if your family is in the more common situation of looking to supplement weekly routines with shorter periods of language immersion, one-on-one language tutoring, whether in-person or on line is a great way to go. Our tutors are fully bi-lingual, fluent speakers who have years of experience meeting each child where they are and building from the ground up, so conversation can begin immediately and lead seamless to reading and writing.

General best practices when it comes to studying foreign languages with a tutor:

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1. Make sure you set goals that you are able to accomplish.

A middle school student looking to feel more comfortable in Spanish class is going to want a very different tutoring experience from a Junior in high school about to spend a month in South America. Make sure you tell us what you want to get out of the sessions, so we can best match you with the perfect teacher whose experience aligns with your desired results.

2. Based on your above goal, use the most common vocab.

Did you know that less than one hundred words comprise nearly 50% percent of English language writing, and just one thousand words make up nearly 90%? In whatever language you’re interested in, better to learn and become comfortable with those one hundred first, and then move on to the categories of words that will be more relevant to class or life in another language.

3. Practice constantly

Have fun with it! Put post-it notes on all your stuff with the words for them in French! Listen to French music, or watch French television with English subtitles. Find friends you can greet with Bonjour and when you go to a French restaurant, use it as an opportunity to learn every word on the menu.

4. Befriend people who speak the language

Whether at restaurants, stores, schools, or acquaintances, seek out people who speak the language you are trying to learn and let them know you’re eager to know everything you can. Greet each other in the foreign language. You’ll learn common expressions, and, as importantly, pronunciation and emphasis. Learning about French culture as well as French language will engage you in non-academic ways.

5. Gauge your progress

Keep a deck of flashcards with all kinds of vocab and grammatical rules, and start making piles. One for terms you know, one for terms you usually remember, and one for what you really need to learn. Keep checking those piles until all you have is the “know it” pile, and then add new cards.

Similarly, as you walk around your home, check yourself. Do you know how to say table? Spoon? Lunch? Napkin? Fold the napkin? You forgot to fold the napkin? As your experience grows, you can build confidence and sophistication and increase your vocabulary.

6. Keep your tutor apprised of what you’re doing and how it’s going.

One of the benefits of working with a professional educator is they are able to direct you in ways that specifically suit you. The particular grammar that doesn’t make any sense or the vocab prep that you’ll need for the next unit in school: a teacher will make sure you’re approaching it all the right way.

Spanish Tutors

Whether you’ve searched online for Spanish classes near me or are hoping to learn Spanish online, our teachers are educators by trade who have helped countless students of all levels to succeed. Our Spanish tutors have worked with students who are beginners as well as those who have had more exposure to the language. They individually assess the level of each student so as to ensure a customized program to strengthen every child’s skill level. Our Spanish tutors will use conversation and text to teach vocabulary, proper pronunciation and accent, grammatical rules and structure, as well as practice reading comprehension. Whether your child needs to practice verb conjugations, study for a test, or ask a unit-specific question, Teachers Who Tutor is here to help.

If you’d like to support your child in Spanish class, whether it means a boost in the Spanish class grade or practice with a long-term goal of fluency, our tutors have a proven track record of promoting student success.

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French Tutors

For all students looking for French support, whether having looked for “French classes near me” or those who prefer to learn French online, our teachers are unparalleled in their expertise. By signing up with Teachers Who Tutor, your child will have customized support tailored to their strengths and challenges.

By approaching each lesson with an understanding of each child’s unique learning profile, our tutors, who are professional classroom teachers, help students to get results and achieve success with the French language. Our tutors use a conversational approach and cutting-edge technology to ensure that each lesson is effective, engaging, and impactful.

Mandarin Tutors

Are you having trouble with your Chinese homework? Our Mandarin tutors have the expertise your child needs, whether the challenge is figuring out what each character looks like and what its corresponding pronunciation is, or trying to learn vocabulary. Our teachers have training in teaching the ins-and-outs of this complex language and ensure that each child succeeds, no matter the area of difficulty at hand.

Japanese Tutors

Perhaps you’ve searched for “beginner Japanese classes near me.” Or maybe you need help finding the best online Japanese course. Our Japanese language tutors have a proven track record of success teaching vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation as well as all the strategies necessary to learn the language. Moreover, our teachers are well versed in the cultural elements of Japan, and committed to ensuring that your learning objectives are met in each session.

Hebrew Tutors

Rather than search online for “Hebrew Tutors near me,” work with our Hebrew teachers who have deep backgrounds in both Hebrew language and Jewish culture, history, and religious studies. Our teachers specialize in all aspects of Hebrew learning, from basic grammar to talmudic interpretation.

online Latin tutors and Greek tutors near me.

Latin Tutors/Greek Tutors

The Classical languages of Latin and Greek are two of the primary languages from which English is derived, and learning them not only allows students to gain exposure to new languages, but also offers an incredible opportunity for expansion of vocabulary in English as students learn about the roots of words and the exciting world of etymology. In both Latin and Greek, our online tutors and in-person tutors will ensure that you have effective practice with both verbal and written reinforcement. Whether you’re having difficulty declining a noun or conjugating a verb, our professional classroom teachers will ensure that all of you have the very best support.


The fact that Mandarin, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin all use such dramatically different systems of writing from English means that it’s crucial to work with a teacher who understands your goals and those of your child’s class. In some settings, the written work is prioritized whereas elsewhere it doesn’t matter until after a student is a fluent speaker. We’ll work with you to make sure your goals align with our teaching.