FAQ’s About Our Tutors & Tutoring Services

  • How do you select your tutors?

    All of our tutors are experienced independent, public, private, or charter school teachers who hold master’s degrees in education or their subject of expertise. Every tutor undergoes a thorough reference check before being interviewed and teaching a sample lesson. We then select only the tutors whose skill and enthusiasm meet our standards.

  • How do you match a student to the ideal tutor?

    We consult with you before matching your child with a tutor to ensure that we fully understand your child’s learning profile and academic needs. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

  • How long is a typical session?

    While a typical session lasts for an hour, sessions usually range from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the student's age and the assignment at hand.

  • What can parents expect to receive?

    Teachers Who Tutor NYC parents with the following four services:

    1. 1. A customized plan of learning objectives that promotes the success of each student. This plan is in collaboration with parents, the school and curriculum, and the student to ensure learning goals are individualized for your child’s needs.
    2. 2. Weekly progress updates that include your child’s strengths, challenges, and a clear roadmap of actionable next steps to reach future goals.
    3. 3. Regular collaboration with parents and classroom teachers. Our tutors work directly with students' schools to ensure that sessions align with the school’s curriculum for each subject.
    4. 4. Ongoing access to a team of dedicated teachers with expertise in helping all kinds of learners achieve their goals. In addition to a wide range of subject-specific tutors, we also offer standardized test preparation, executive functioning coaching, and academic enrichment services.
  • What are your rates?

    Our rates vary according to the age of the student. For further information, please contact us directly.

  • How does billing work?

    We send you a monthly invoice at the beginning of each month for the previous month's sessions.

  • Are there any additional charges on top of the hourly fee, such as administrative or transportation costs?

    No, there are no additional fees.

  • Which schools do TWT's students attend?

    In addition to working with students at public, private, and charter schools throughout the city, our tutors have supported students from schools including Avenues: The World School, Bard High School, The Berkeley Carroll School, The Brearley School, Brooklyn Friends School, The Cathedral School, The Chapin School, The School at Columbia University, The Collegiate School, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, The Dalton School, The Dwight School, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Friends Seminary, Grace Church School, The Heschel School, The Hewitt School, Horace Mann School, The Nightingale Bamford School, The Packer Collegiate Institute, Poly Prep Country Day School, Riverdale Country School, The Spence School, St. David's, St. Bernard's, The Town School, The Trinity School, and the United Nations International School.

  • I'm interested in tutoring for Teachers Who Tutor | NYC. How do I go about applying?

    Please send a resume and a cover letter describing your teaching experience and tutoring expertise to moc.rotutohwsrehcaetcyn@ofni.