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At Teachers Who Tutor, we provide an exceptional math tutoring service for students in grades Pre-K through 12. Our math tutors are experienced math teachers with the knowledge and teaching skills to demystify mathematics for your child or teen. Everyone on our team holds a Master’s degree and teaches at a respected independent, charter, or public school in NYC. Math tutoring helps. The students we work with attend elementary, middle, or high school. So, if you’ve been searching for math tutors near me, you’re in the right place, and we’re ready to assist. We provide excellent math learning support to improve understanding and progress.

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Exceptional Math Tutoring in:

  1. Pre-K and Kindergarten Basic Math Concepts
  2. Elementary Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  3. Fractions, Decimals, Negative Numbers
  4. Middle School Math including Algebra and Geometry
  5. High School Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, and Calculus

If your child or teenager has been receiving low grades in math or been struggling, scheduling them to work with one of the best math tutors NYC offers can help. Our teachers go much farther than helping with homework assignments – they have the knowledge and skills to reteach any math concepts your child may have missed in class. Mathematics is an intimidating subject for some people, and once difficulties occur, they lead to anxiety and blocks to future learning. The most effective tutoring in math skills can turn things around for your child and instill a new sense of confidence and momentum.

Queens math tutors near me. Brooklyn math tutors near me. Our NYC math tutors can help your child pass equivalency tests and the regent's exam.

Highly Effective Math Learning Support

Teachers Who Tutor’s uniquely qualified team is designed to help your child or teenager make steady and continuous improvement over time. We coordinate with classroom teachers and report to parents throughout the process. Every child enrolled in our sessions receives an individualized learning plan that is a road map to greater success, confidence, and understanding.

No matter what grade your child or teen is in, our private math tutoring service can help. We have experienced teachers available at all grade levels beginning with pre-K math concepts and going all the way through middle and high school courses, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Not many NYC math tutors can match our learning support. We specialize in making tough mathematics subjects more understandable in ways that are easier to remember. It takes the experience our Master’s level teachers ensures that every child comprehends the material , making complicated math problems easier to solve.

Our math tutors will ask your child to teach them the material after they begin to develop a basic understanding. The process of explaining and working through each step of the problem is how students can best figure out which points they may be unsure of and those they have mastered. Questions we pose to help your child reflect upon his answers more fully: Can you talk me through your thinking? How do you know? Why does this make sense? Let us show you how our private mathematics tutoring overcomes obstacles.

Pre-K Through 3rd Grade Math

Our math tutors use the number line and manipulatives to introduce the concepts of number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, calendars, and measurement. The math tutoring support we provide is in conjunction with our students’ schools to ensure that sessions are aligned with the goals and pedagogy of each course. We know how difficult math can be without the foundations in place, so we work from an inside-out model of making sure the basics are there before moving onto the problem of the day.

4th Through 6th Grade Math

Have your child work one-on-one with an experienced math teacher to review and improve their understanding of mathematics fundamentals — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – before moving on to more challenging work in applying these concepts to fractions and decimals. We explain to students how to perform the algorithm and why, for example, dividing fractions requires flipping the second one and then multiplying. When math concepts and operations are better understood, success at solving problems will improve.

Pre-Algebra and Algebra

First, we tutor students in the fundamentals of constants and variables. We then apply them to various types of problems, including work problems; distance, rate, and time; absolute value; inequalities; factors and multiples; prime numbers; prime factorization; least common multiples; greatest common factors; and exponents, radicals, and scientific notation. With these skills, students are ready to approach multi-variable equations and beginning thinking about basic cartesian or coordinate plane algebra-based geometry, which leads to systems of equations and polynomials.

Story Problems in Math | How to Get Them Right

  1. Re-read the problem, focusing on what information is known and what is needed. If you have difficulty keeping track of numerous moving parts, it’s often helpful to read the problem twice. Your first reading should help you get the gist of the problem and the second reading, more slowly, is about determining the information that is known and what is needed.
  2. Make a list. Even when you have a sense of how to approach the problem, you might still forget a final step. For example, jot down a brief list of ordered steps to ensure that you complete each one. If you’re tackling a problem involving order of operations, you can make a visual list of the steps or make up something to help yourself remember. An example is PEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally): Parentheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction.
  3. Do a series of examples on your own. There’s a big difference between being walked through the steps of a problem and sitting alone and doing the work.

Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus

Math classes become more complex in high school, combining algebra, statistics, and geometry as students build up to pre-calc and calculus. At Teachers Who Tutor, our math tutoring services makes sure the fundamentals are in place before moving on to more complex topics. We have experts in both proof and non-proof-cased geometry. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our ability to slow down and address each step of pre-calculus,including series, composite fractions, vectors, conic sections, complex numbers, and matrices – our teaching experience makes all the difference.

Online Mathematics tutors are available for hire by NYC Teachers Who Tutor.
Hire an NYC math tutor for word problems in mathematics. Tutoring NYC is the best way to give your child the learning support they need to achieve good grades in math. Tutor your child in subjects where they struggle the most.

Word Problems in Math

The proper learning support can turn things around for students who dislike math word problems. But there’s no reason to let them be intimidating. Our highly qualified NYC math tutors have the skills to help kids understand these require the additional step of translating the words into numbers. Even for some students with excellent reading comprehension, looking at word problems can feel overwhelming, like many words swimming around the page with little meaning. Re-reading the problem is often the key to better processing the information.

Assessments and Tests

Our math tutors in NYC teach study skills to middle and high schoolers who do poorly on tests. There is no doubt exams can be intimidating, but with a more organized approach to test prep, they can be much less daunting. The key is actively engaging with the material for practice and to improve computational and problem-solving speed and accuracy. Anyone who only flips through their class notes and thinks they’re all set will probably do poorly. The best method for doing well involves practicing effective preparation techniques.

Our private math tuturs near me will elevate your child's mathematics skills. Hire the best math tutor NYC has available for your child be compete with getting into the best schools.
Online and in person NYC math tutoring to help your child with their mathematics homework. NYC math tutor near me.

Our Math Tutoring Includes Study Skills

Nothing replaces a learning by doing approach, and our math tutoring brings it to the forefront. We emphasize with students that redoing problems is the best way to study. It’s common for teachers to assign practice problems in the days before a test, while at other times, students can review material with a textbook’s chapter test or from class notes. It’s crucial to do the problems with a pencil and paper, rather than passively reading over problems from the week before. Students need to redo sample math problems from class, homework assignments, or a textbook to study effectively. It’s often overlooked and a skill that we teach every student who we tutor in NYC.

If your child or teen is doing poorly in math or feels intimidated by it, let us provide needed learning support that helps bring improvements. Because we are thorough and organized in our approach, our tutoring sessions are organized and goal-oriented. Our mathematics tutoring at all levels goes far beyond help with homework and is focused entirely on making your child into a better math student with the ability to succeed.

We tutor all over New York City, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Hamptons.

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