Private Tutoring Services for K-12 Students

Teachers Who Tutor NYC offers leading private tutoring services in the New York City region.  Our tutors are highly experienced independent, public, private, and charter school teachers who hold master’s degrees from leading universities. We offer one-on-one child tutoring services in New York City , the Hamptons and Los Angeles including all subjects and content areas, executive function coaching, and test preparation . Our private tutoring sessions are in-home, online, or held at another convenient location.

Our tutors undergo a rigorous vetting process that includes subject matter expertise, a deep understanding of age-appropriate approaches to teaching and learning, and the ability to connect with children and teens in a meaningful and motivational manner. We are committed to empowering students so that they learn to become strong, confident independent learners. While our list of subject areas for private tutoring services is extensive, if your child needs academic support in a discipline not currently listed, please reach out to us.

General Child Tutoring Services and Support

Our child tutoring services are designed to help children of all ages develop better organizational and study skills for long-term results. Additionally, our services help to build communication, social, and self-esteem skills that lead to success and wellness beyond the classroom. We excel in providing specialized academic support and enrichment.

Subject-Specific Private Tutoring Sessions and Support

Our subject-specific private tutoring services are for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Math Tutors

We provide exceptional math tutoring services for students in grades Pre-K through 12. Our math tutors are experienced math teachers with the knowledge and teaching skills to demystify mathematics for your child or teen.

Science Tutors

Our science tutors are experienced science teachers with master’s degrees who are passionate about sharing the discovery of science with children and teens up to grade 12. We provide comprehensive science homework support which is especially crucial at the high school level where subjects become more specialized and challenging.

English Tutors

Our English tutors understand the importance of critical reading and writing skills inside and outside of the classroom. We will work with your child to develop essential English skills to support their academic success and instill an appreciation of the written word.

History Tutors

Our history tutors are skilled in world history, U.S. history, government, politics, European history, and more. Our history tutors with classroom experience as history teachers understand the challenges of analyzing historical events, and we will work with your child to develop important techniques to master intensive history subjects.

Foreign Language Tutors

Our foreign language tutors offer comprehensive support in various foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, and more. We understand the struggles of learning new vocabulary words, grammar structures, and verb tenses. Our customized foreign language tutoring programs will tackle the areas your child needs help with the most.

Early Childhood Tutors

Our early childhood tutors are highly experienced in developmentally appropriate academic support. Whether your child needs subject-specific tutoring or generalized help with organization or executive function skills, our tutors will create a customized learning plan that targets your child’s strengths and areas of improvement. Our goal is to foster independence so that your child learns to tackle challenging coursework on their own.

Elementary School Tutors

Our elementary school tutors understand the academic, social, and developmental milestones appropriate for that age range. Our welcoming and compassionate tutors offer comprehensive support in every subject as well as test prep. We will work with your child’s classroom teachers to ensure that we see continual progress over time.

Executive Function Tutors

Our executive function tutors understand the importance of time management, organization, and effective studying techniques. We will work with your child to learn how to learn and alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, and pressure. Once your child gains critical executive function skills, they will feel confident to take on difficult subjects and tests independently.

Middle School Tutors

Middle school is generally when subjects become more specialized and challenging. Our middle school tutors understand the importance of academics in grades 5-8. Success in these crucial grades will give your child an advantage when they reach high school and begin to think about college. Our tutors will work with your child in every subject, prepare them for standardized tests, and provide executive function support.

Test Preparation Private Tutoring Sessions

Our child tutoring services help your child prepare for the standardized tests required throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school. We also offer test prep for advanced placement exams, college admission tests, and more.

  • For elementary and middle school: Common Core exams
  • For high school: ISEE/SHSAT/SSAT
  • For college: ACT/SAT/SAT II SUBJECT TESTS/AP exams