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In order to understand the present, it is essential to learn about the past. Whether students are studying Medieval studies, U.S. History, European History, African History, or World History, it is important to learn how to examine the past through an analytical framework, by closely reading material and thinking critically about their sources. Most students who need support with history reach out for help in middle school and high school, as the level of content becomes increasingly demanding, and students begin to write essays.

We value increasing nuance and sophistication of thought about the past and how a culture or event in one period of time relates to other periods, including the present. Our NYC private tutors care deeply about the history of the American Revolution, the history of the American Civil War, all the way through contemporary American history. But we also have experts in ancient-through-contemporary Chinese history; the history of Africa and the African diaspora, the history of colonialism, ancient history, and world history. Teachers Who Tutor has also been involved in connecting teachers in order to discuss important topics such as the use of history syllabi, best history teaching methods, and teaching with digital tools.

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Exceptional History Teachers

At Teachers Who Tutor, our outstanding history tutors are experienced history teachers who share their excitement both about history and about current events with their students. They impart the crucial skills not only of learning the content of a particular location and era, but also the importance of taking into account the validity and types of sources and the perspective or bias of the author so as to engage in critical thinking. Our in-person and online history tutors are experts in a vast range of civilization and eras, and have supported students with every facet of a history curriculum from document based questions (DBQ’s) to geography to essay writing.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills and Key Study Skills

Some students who seek support in history are overwhelmed by the volume of material they have to study for a test. Our history tutors teach them to understand the themes, figures and events so as to better internalize the information. What differentiates our team of experts is their expertise in combination with their excitement for the subject matter. Students who work with us learn key study skills such as how to make effective study sheets, ways to review cumulatively to retain information, and creating mnemonic devices when trying to keep a number of pieces of information in mind. These skills prove invaluable across academic subjects as students learn techniques to effectively master the material.

The Importance of the Writing Process in History Class

We have the best history tutors NYC has to offer, we are experts in teaching the writing process, which is a core element of any history curriculum. We walk our students through every step of the writing essays, from formulating a thesis, to brainstorming, outlining, note-taking, developing a rough draft and all of the elements of the revision product to ensure that all of our students have a final draft of which they are proud. The goal of our work is to break down the writing process into a series of manageable steps so that our students internalize the process and are able to independently apply it to their own work.

Test-prep in History Tutor

Whether you need to prepare for a test in history class, an SAT II in history, or an Advanced Placement (AP) in history, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best AP US history tutors NYC has to offer. Whatever type of history student you are, and no matter the challenge you’re facing with your history homework or test-prep, we have experts who can help.

History Tutoring Services

Our NYC history tutors offer support in a range of topics including:

  1. Ancient History
  2. European History
    • AP European History
  3. Medieval Studies
  4. Social studies
  5. U.S. History
    • AP U.S. History
    • SAT II US History Subject Test
  6. World History
    • AP World History
    • SAT II World History Subject Test

How to Study for History Tests

When it comes to studying for history tests, whether the test is in American History, European History, or World History, the top question we hear from students is how on earth can they possibly be expected to remember so much material? The answer has everything to do with the method of preparation. The most important thing to do when confronted with a history test, as is true for any major assignment regardless of subject, is to plan ahead. Figure out how many days or weeks there are between today’s date and the test date. The next step is to backplan by breaking up the content you need to learn into smaller chunks or units.

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Use a Cumulative Plan to Prepare for Tests

If students simply learn part A on Monday, B on Tuesday and C on Wednesday to prepare for Thursday’s test, they run the risk of forgetting the material on parts A and B because they haven’t looked at the content since earlier that week. What we recommend instead is using a cumulative plan with stages that build upon one another.

For example, if you are hiring a private history tutor because your child is prepping for a test next week, you might consider a plan like this one:

Sunday: Learn section I

Monday: Learn section II

Tuesday: Review sections I and II

Wednesday: Learn section III

Thursday: Either review sections I-III or move on to section IV, depending on how well you know sections I and II

You’ll notice that this plan builds in repetition of material, which is a key component of a successful study plan.

Actively study for history tests

You should actively study for history tests as you would for a test in any subject. But what does that mean in the first place?

Students who study actively are engaging with the material by taking notes with pencil and paper, creating their own study sheets whether typed or hand-written, quizzing themselves and being quizzed by others on the material, and practicing questions based on the format of the test they will receive. Rather than simply rereading homework responses or zoning out when looking at endless textbook assignments, studying effectively means re-engaging with the material so as to work on writing it, memorizing it, explaining it, and considering why it’s important in the first place.

When it comes to studying, don’t mistake quality for quantity

Many students will close the door to their room and appear two hours later, announcing that they’re done studying because they have studied “so much.” But what really matters is not necessarily the amount of time they’ve spent reviewing the material, but how they have done so. Many students can study identical material for the same amount of time, but they need to work on the active studying techniques enumerated above to be successful.

Most Teacher Who Tutor history tutors come to us through referral from another teacher or family we work with and trust. At that point, they go through an intense interview process where we ask for sample lessons and strategies. Our history tutors work in some of the best history departments in the country, but more important than that is their rapport with their students. We want to partner with reliable, brilliant, caring professionals who love history, instilling a love of history in others, teaching skills to create independent learners, and aligning their goals with their students. In addition to background checks and references, interviews and sample lessons, we make sure that our history tutors are the kindest, most effective and reliable private history tutors you can find.