Overview of Tutoring Services in All Subjects

Our tutors are New York City independent, public and charter school teachers with master’s degrees. Other tutoring companies engage in a range of professionals. We are experienced teachers who understand the demands of a rigorous curriculum and the value of collaboration with both classroom educators and parents.

We offer:

A Customized Plan of learning objectives that will promote the success of each student. We consult with parents to identify both challenging areas and personal strengths before matching students with a tutor. Our tutors customize lessons according to individual learning styles, providing students with the tools they need to thrive.

Weekly Feedback on your child’s progress.
The tutors describe each student’s strengths and challenges with the material and
establish upcoming goals. Link to report here.

Collaboration with parents and classroom teachers.
As educators and tutors ourselves, we understand that students are most successful when the tutors, classroom teachers, and parents collaborate. Our tutors work directly with their students’ schools to ensure that sessions are aligned with the goals and pedagogy of each course.

Access to a Team of professional and dedicated educators who have taught and tutored in over 75 of New York City’s best independent, public and charter schools.
Every tutor at Teachers Who Tutor | NYC has a master’s degree and years of experience teaching in a New York City independent, public or charter school. Our team of teachers has expertise in helping different kinds of learners achieve their goals. They have graduated from leading universities and are warm, intelligent and committed to their craft.

Superior Tutor Compensation
Our tutors earn a higher percentage of fees than those at any other major tutoring company in NYC.