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Science subjects become increasingly difficult and specialized with every grade level. Perhaps your child is struggling with fundamental concepts or needs help with scientific math. At Teachers Who Tutor NYC, we pride ourselves on providing the best science tutors in the area.

All of our science home tutors are teachers themselves with master’s degrees in education or the subject of their expertise. We make every effort to match your child with the perfect tutor based on personality and academic goals. Additionally, you will receive weekly progress updates so you’ll always know how your child is improving as well as future milestones.

What Do Our Science Tutors Teach?

Our science home tutors teach every subject for every grade level, including advanced classes and test prep. These include the following:

  • Biology and AP Bio
  • Chemistry and AP Chem
  • Computer Science and AP Computer Science
  • Physics and AP Physics
  • Environmental Science and AP Environmental Science
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • And more!
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Child Enrichment

Our science tutors are committed to helping your child achieve excellence not only in the classroom but beyond. Our strategies help students build confidence to eventually take on difficult subjects, homework assignments, and tests all on their own. We teach fundamental organizational skills and executive functioning that transcend school so that your child can find success in life no matter where they go.

Meet Our Science Tutors

Brittany Klimowicz

Brittany is a science teacher at the NYC iSchool in SoHo and has experience teaching and tutoring various topics in life and physical science. Brittany also teaches life science classes at the American Museum of Natural History. She loves exploring science in both formal and informal education settings. Brittany received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Delaware and her master’s degree in Secondary Education from City College. She likes running, traveling, and is on the hunt for the best slice of pizza in NYC!

Christina Frare

Christina Frare, tutor, currently teaches science at Avenues and previously taught at BASIS. A biologist, Christina has her PhD in conservation genetics, and all the coursework for a masters in cell and molecular biology from Fordham University. She has taught almost all levels of science from 4th grade through university, at Fordham University, Middlebury College and Ithaca College. Christina tutors all levels of biology including AP and college biology, as well as AP environmental science, and basic chemistry.

Anna Schneeberger

Anna currently teaches math and science to 6th graders at a charter middle school in Brooklyn. After graduating summa cum laude with her BA in Middle Level Education (math and science concentration) at Mercer University, she was passionate about understanding how our minds work, and how we as humans learn. She pursued her Masters in Cognitive Science in Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College and graduated with a focus in spatial cognition in mathematics. During her Masters, she taught both 5th grade and 7th grade science and she tutored math and science from grades 2nd through 8th grade. Anna enjoys art, biking, and spending time with her corgi, Gus. She is passionate about STEAM and helping students find confidence in their ability to learn any subject.

David Poston

David has been teaching IB Chemistry and Theory of Knowledge for the last seven years at Leman Manhattan Preparatory School.  He has taught and tutored chemistry for over 16 years at a variety of different levels.  He holds a BA in Chemistry and Biology from Baylor University and a MA in Philosophy from the University of Houston, and he has also taught philosophy, logic, and medical ethics at the undergraduate level and beyond.  His broad educational background and teaching expertise enables him to connect with learners of all types, and he is passionate about finding creative ways for his students to be successful.  In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, traveling, and anything outdoors related.

Emma Wingreen

Emma Wingreen holds a master’s degree in Computer Science Education from Hunter College and a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. She first started teaching Computer Science as a non-profit educator in the Dominican Republic. Since then she has worked as an elementary school and high school  Computer Science teacher in New York City and as a curriculum writer at Emma has experience tutoring in literacy, math, and Computer Science in both English and Spanish. She is passionate about helping students find their spark and believes that all students deserve a robust digital literacy education. When she’s not working, Emma loves biking around the city and meeting new dogs.

Erik Dillaman

Erik has worked in computer science education at both the high school and university level for the past twenty years. A self-described creative coder, he sees the beauty within the binary and the algorithms within the arts. Erik began his teaching career as a Teach for America volunteer and went on to teach high school Computer Science and AP Language and Composition for over a decade. While at the University of Texas at Austin, Erik created curricula for dual credit Computer Science Principles and Arts and Entertainment Technologies courses, allowing high school students to earn college credit while still in high school. Over that time, he worked with thousands of students across the state of Texas, providing just in time instruction, personalized project inspiration and management, and assistance with self-assessment and evaluation. In his view, students best master core competencies when they have choice and ownership over the topics which they pursue, and he always aims to keep the fire of wonder and possibility roaring. In his current role, Erik develops computer science curriculum with, focusing on AP Computer Science Principles and AP CS A. 

Evan Lunt

Evan Lunt holds a master’s degree in experimental chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and loves incorporating hands-on experiential learning in the classroom. He has found that in teaching high school and college chemistry, the most robust learning comes from seeing concepts in action. He discovered his love for teaching while conducting research at the graduate school level; his experiences with children and young adults ranging from elementary school students to college students showed him that STEM education is the key to a brighter future. Evan finds a passion in encouraging accessibility and inclusion in the classroom, and he strives to make sure that students feel comfortable engaging with difficult subjects and asking probing questions. Evan has experience teaching and tutoring all levels of high school math and science.

Francis Amaniera

Francis is an educator of 10+ years that believes in creating educational experiences for students that build their academic confidence and curiosity. He has taught for the past nine years at a public charter high school in central Harlem, but started his teaching career in Dallas, Texas. Francis has extensive experience teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at both the Regents and AP levels and has also supported students individually and in small-group settings in both Algebra and Geometry; he currently teaches 11th grade Physics and Algebra II. Francis graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Premedical Concentration and then went on to obtain his Master of Arts in Teaching, with a Certification in Special Education, from the Relay School of Education. Originally from New Jersey, Francis is an avid cyclist, a board game enthusiast, and an okay chef!

Jake Sienko

Jake has over seven years of experience teaching science at both the high school and middle school levels in New York City. With a firm belief that science, though often perceived as inaccessible and challenging, can be made accessible through curiosity, questioning, and observation, he views every student as a potential scientist. Jake holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Columbia University, and a Master’s Degree in Science Education from Teachers College at Columbia University. He has experience teaching Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, and Biology and has experience tutoring in both small groups and individual students. Currently, Jake works as a curriculum developer and teacher educator at the American Museum of Natural History. When not teaching or tutoring, you can find Jake biking, hiking or eating his way around his favorite neighborhoods throughout NYC.

Jess Smith

Jess has been an Upper School Science teacher for over 25 years and is currently on sabbatical from Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She has taught many 9th-12th grade science courses, including AP Biology, Advanced Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Ecology and Bioethics. Jess encourages her students to approach biology as a captivating story instead of facts to be memorized. She enjoys helping students learn deeply by fostering critical thinking skills and by guiding students to make connections across topics. Jess has been fortunate to combine her love of experiential learning with many trips abroad and has led travel-study programs in Kenya, Tanzania, India, and the Galápagos Islands during her tenure at BC. She is also an avid gardener and a parent of two, who loves outdoor activities of many kinds, especially hiking with friends and her beloved dog, Louie.

Joanna Shields

Joanna has taught Upper School Science for 11 years, including Biology Honors (Regents and SAT II Level), Chemistry (Regents Level), IB Standard Level Environmental Systems and Societies, Physical Science, and Forensics (St. John’s University CAP Course).  She has most recently taught at Leman Manhattan Preparatory School as an IB teacher and served as an IB Extended Essay Advisor.  She has also tutored grades K-12 and university level Biology courses (Physiology, Immunology, General Biology, etc) at a local learning center.  She received a B.S. in Pre-Medicine/Biology from St. John’s University and an M.S. in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.  Joanna loves all things science, especially wildlife conservation, and has worked at the WCS Central Park Zoo and New York Aquarium as a tour guide, animal handler, and Animal Husbandry Sea Lion Trainer Assistant. She is passionate about inspiring students in the natural sciences and encouraging them to get involved in citizen science initiatives.

Joe Petrone

Joe currently teaches chemistry at Millennium Brooklyn High School, located in Park Slope. Along with teaching chemistry, he has experience teaching full courses in forensic science and engineering, focusing on student-centered methods of inquiry-based learning. Outside of his regular classroom teaching, he has tutored students for the chemistry Regents, SAT subject exam, and the mathematics sections of the SHSAT, SAT, and ACT. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Hunter College, through which he also minored in biological sciences, mathematics, and English, and his MA in teaching chemistry from Queens College. In his free time, he likes to cook, play with his dog, root for the Yankees, and go to the occasional punk rock show.

Jonathan Deegan

Jon has taught and tutored STEM subjects at a variety of levels since 2016, and currently teaches 11th/12th-grade chemistry and biology at Avenues: The World School in Manhattan. He received his MSc in chemistry from Boston College in 2019 and his BS in chemistry from Loyola University in Baltimore in 2017, both with a focus in organic/biological chemistry. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate education, he served as a teaching assistant––overseeing labs, designing student research projects, and teaching general and organic chemistry. Jon has also worked with the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society Government Relations Committee, where he observed government interactions with scientists aimed at advancing science policy, and with the Christmann Research Group in Berlin, Germany, where he performed organic chemistry research as a DAAD RISE Exchange Program Scholar. In all his work, Jon’s goal is to make STEM more accessible, more inclusive, and more understandable both to students and to the general public.

Jos Koevoet

For more than two decades, Jos has been enjoying teaching teenagers in grades 9-12 the magic of Chemistry at international private high schools in Indonesia and Italy. His students have gone on to a wide variety of fields, including engineering, medicine, business, and academics. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Netherlands and a Master’s degree in Education from Australia. While he used to consider himself a teacher of Chemistry, he now considers himself a teacher of teenagers – with Chemistry serving as subject matter. In addition to his role at the International School of Florence, Jos has collaborated with Faria Education Group / Oxford Study Courses to devise an innovative method for interactive revision of the IBDP Chemistry curriculum. He has been tutoring Chemistry online since 2018. When not in the classroom, he loves to explore every nook and cranny of beautiful Tuscany.

Kelley Janes

Kelley is currently on sabbatical, writing a collection of essays about climate change through an astrophysical lens. She taught physics and astronomy at Headwaters School in Austin, TX for the last 15 years. Kelley loves working with the educational outreach programs at NASA and McDonald Observatory as well as mentoring new physics teachers. As a tutor she loves to connect with students to help them succeed in math and science as a result of their growing fondness for the natural world. Kelley is most honored by her Teacher of the Year awards in 2010, 2016, and 2020. She is a mom, a painter, a writer, a joke lover, a space fan, and a pretty darn good cook. She reads the New York Times kid section first- even though it says not for adults.

Luis Martin

Luis has a PhD in Physics, and more than a decade of teaching experience in a range of physics and math subjects at the middle school, high school, and university level. He currently teaches at The Avenues School and supports students ranging from middle school to graduate school. Luis’s areas of expertise includes AP Physics, Coding, Calculus, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics, Multivariable Calculus, Complex Analysis, Mechanics, Kinematics, Differential Equations, Electromagnetism, and Thermodynamics.

Pheona Hunt

Pheona Hunt has been teaching high school science for over 15 years in New York City public schools. She currently teaches chemistry, physics, and AP physics at Special Music School on the Upper West Side. In addition, Pheona is an instructor for the CUNY College Now program and an instructor for chemistry education graduate courses at Hunter College. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, an MA in Science Education from City College, and an Ed. M. in school leadership from Bank Street College. When not teaching, Pheona enjoys running, reading, and returning home to spend time with her small zoo of pets in Guyana.

Danielle Neubauer

Danielle is a science educator with 20 years of teaching experience who teaches Middle School science at Léman Manhattan Prep School. Danielle has taught science within the NYC Public school system, internationally in Japan and Germany, and within the independent school system, and has experience teaching Biology/AP Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science at both the Middle and High School level. In addition to teaching, Danielle has also tutored students privately for the last 10 years in various science courses and middle school mathematics.  Danielle aims to promote intellectual growth by employing creative approaches to learning that challenge students to construct new knowledge from previously acquired knowledge and concepts. Danielle loves to travel,  hike, and do yoga in her free time.

Michael Shorr

Michael has been a teacher for more than 30 years, currently teaching science and mastery at Avenues: The World School. He has a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College in chemistry with a focus on biochemistry, earned a master’s at Johns Hopkins in the History of Science and graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting. He is a student-centered teacher who specializes in helping students pursue excellence in their areas of academic interest, strengthen their abilities in areas of growth, and develop the grit and confidence of life-long learners. He has experience teaching across the curriculum, including math, science, and writing, and he especially enjoys teaching from a multidisciplinary, hands-on, real-world applications perspective. Fascinated by inventing and design challenges since childhood, he has introduced his students to programming for artificial intelligence, the chemistry of molecular gastronomy, and engineering design challenges using 3D printing.

Samantha Hampton

Samantha teaches biology and human physiology at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in NYC. Samantha first started tutoring her peers when she was in high school, which is when her passion for teaching others began. She studied Cellular & Molecular Biology and Genetics at Northern Kentucky University and earned her master’s degree in education from the University of the Cumberlands. Her teaching concentrations are Science 5-9 and Biology 8-12. Before teaching, Samantha worked in a neuroscience laboratory studying Parkinson’s disease. Outside of teaching and tutoring, she enjoys walking in nature, CrossFit, and finding new coffee shops to read in. Her motto is: “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good is the best legacy you can leave behind.”

Shayri Greenwood

Shayri Greenwood is a neuroscientist, educator for 8+ years and currently the science department chair at an independent K-12 school in New York City. A native of New York City, she holds a PhD in Biological Psychology, a Master’s degree in Psychology and a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience all from Stony Brook University. She has taught science at the undergraduate level and in grades 5-12 in courses ranging from research and writing, biopsychology as well as biology, physical and life science courses. Shayri enjoys teaching science from an inquiry based teaching pedagogy, where she teaches students to investigate the natural world with the same lens as a lab based scientist in the classroom and beyond. Shayri is passionate about supporting students of color in the sciences and has mentored and trained a number of science scholars who have obtained advanced degrees in research and medical fields. When she is not in the classroom, Shayri is an avid fitness enthusiast and has run several endurance races including Spartan races and the NYC Marathon (x2!). She also enjoys reading mystery novels, hiking and making fun vegan meals at home.

Steven Lance

Steven has spent over a decade teaching Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science courses in New York City and Los Angeles. He has spent the last 10 years teaching at a public charter school in Harlem, but began his career teaching Chemistry and AP Chemistry in Los Angeles. Steven has extensive experience teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics, and a variety of Computer Science courses (both AP and non-AP level). Additionally, he has supported students in Algebra I, Algebra II, and AP Biology during his time in the classroom and has worked extensively with parents in his role as an Assistant Principal. Steven graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and then went on to obtain his Master in Arts in Chemistry Education from Hunter College. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, he enjoys a good book, catching the latest Broadway show, traveling to new counties, and exploring new recipes in the kitchen.