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Does your child struggle when it comes to a study approach and homework habits? Executive function tutoring can benefit their educational progress across subjects at any grade level. If you suggest that your children go to “study” for a test, they may have little idea of how to effectively do so. Some students have desks cluttered sky-high with a jumble of papers, binders, and notebooks. Or perhaps they only crack a book open to prepare the night before a major test. Fear not: we’re here to help. Our NYC tutors for executive function start with the understanding that homework is most effectively navigated when seen as a process that relies on sound executive functioning skills.

When it comes to Executive Function tutoring, we focus on:

  1. Time Management
  2. Study Skills
  3. Organizational Systems
  4. Navigating Distractions from Technology and Devices

Our executive function tutors are experts at teaching these skills: they focus on supporting students with every aspect of organization, planning, time management, prioritization, and seeing a task to completion – skills that are integral to each child’s success both in and out of the classroom.

Our NYC tutors teach and then model an effective executive function framework, helping your children develop an individualized plan of action and a strategic approach to homework. Learning how to manage these challenges is crucial: as adults, we constantly need to manage multiple tasks, problem solve, and plan ahead.

At Teachers Who Tutor, our teachers take great pride in providing the best executive function tutors NYC has to offer.

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Highly Effective Executive Function Support

We begin by assessing the specific ways in which your children approach homework by evaluating time management, organization of materials, and study habits. Whether it’s planning how to devise a study plan for an upcoming test, or how juggle a heavy homework week on top of a week crammed with soccer practice, play rehearsals, and family commitments, our expert NYC tutors in executive functioning teach students effective methods to plan and organize so that they can become self-sufficient learners. The long-term results of improved study skills and organizational abilities can be transformative.

Build Time Management Skills with our Tutors for Executive Function

As students get older and their workload increases in middle and high school, parents often find it difficult to know how much to support their kids, and how best to do so in the first place. Some spend far too much time on their homework, while others spend too little. Whether your child procrastinates, races through his work, or takes eons to complete an assignment, you’ve come to the right place.

Our NYC private tutors in executive function begin by gathering information and troubleshooting the underlying source of your child’s challenges with time management. The key to success is a balanced, consistent, well-organized approach aligned with assignments and homework. We target solutions so kids learn how to effectively tune out distractions and plan more strategically for short and longer-term assignments. Managing time well improves all areas of school work.

Because our tutors are experienced NYC teachers with a thorough understanding of how children learn and study, they teach skills that have proven effective. Our students are successful because we they learn a series of specific, action-oriented steps. Our executive function tutors model best practices that include breaking down assignments, back-planning using time estimates, and recording a plan, whether a digital or written one. Students learn the importance of establishing routines, tackling the most difficult assignments first, and seeing the big picture of their schedule as a whole. These practices are all essential skills to learn both for their time in school and beyond.

Online executive function tutor for hire in New York City
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Learn Study Skills with our Executive Function Tutors in NYC

Many students have difficulty memorizing information. Others find the idea of studying overwhelming, or insist that they’re done ten minutes after studying. Our NYC tutors are executive functioning experts who are here to help. We offer study skill improvement that comes with executive function tutoring. When our experienced teachers tutor your kids in the process of learning, we teach a series of reinforced steps that help them retain information. Our executive function tutoring service shows students how to break down information so that they can understand and retain it. We use a cumulative approach wherein kids learn material in a series of reinforced steps so that they can remember it both in the short and longer term and therefore effectively study for any test now or in the future. Because our tutors understand the importance of context in learning and making sense of information, we teach students to create a narrative to make facts stick, giving them the tools they need to become students who do exceptionally well in school.

In addition, we teach our students reliable methods that they can use for any test, whether now or in the future. With our NYC tutors, they will learn strategies such as how to create effective study sheets, ways to use visual aids to reinforce recall, and how to make the most of flash cards. Our focus is always one that teaches students the skills they need not only to get better grades, but also to gain confidence and take greater pride in their school work.

Develop Executive Functioning Skills with Organizational Systems

A strong organizational framework is key to reducing the stress surrounding studying and homework. If your child can’t find the book she needs to complete her English homework, or she left her math workbook in school for the third time this week, she’s likely to be upset, and you are likely unhappy, too. And this is before she’s even cracked a book open to start on the actual work. If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

At Teachers Who Tutor, students succeed with their schoolwork because our tutors ensure that every child has a system in place that allows her to be effective and efficient, from her desk at home, to her backpack, to her locker at school. Our team of educational experts first identifies where students struggle organizationally. We then work with students to create targeted solutions, whether setting up a own system of reminders, helping to establish a filing system and weekly backpack and locker clean-up or creating a checklist of when to check the school homework site and which materials to bring home each day. With these new systems in place, better organized students are able to thrive and focus on the actual content of the homework itself.

Our tutoring programs ensure that each child has a system to be productive and successful, from their desks and rooms at home to their backpacks and lockers at school. The process involves identifying where students struggle organizationally and creating customized solutions to bring improvements. Frequently-used methods include learning to set up reminder systems, weekly backpack and locker clean-ups, checklists of homework assignments and the needed materials, and much more. Our trained and experienced tutors can make breakthroughs with children that can be difficult for parents to achieve within complicated family dynamics, thereby reducing the stress for everyone involved.

Brooklyn, Queens, Hamptons and NYC Executive function tutors near me. NYC executive function tutor near me.

Tune Out Distractions | Devices and Social Media

Hands-down, managing technological distractions presents the greatest challenge both for students and for parents who are at their wits’ end. Between Tik-Tok, Instagram, and endless chains of text messages popping up every time their kids sit down to work, getting any work done can seem impossible. That’s where we come in.

Our program provides methods to better manage:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Ipads
  3. Computers
  4. Photo and Video Sharing Apps
  5. Text Messaging

At Teachers Who Tutor, our tutors help students devise systems to effectively establish difficult boundaries between homework time and social time. We teach concrete strategies so that parents can help support their children when it comes to Ipads, Iphones and laptops, so that kids can get their work done productively and have time to interact with friends, too.

We offer math tutoring to students throughout NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, and virtual tutoring worldwide. Our tutors work in neighborhoods including the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, Tribeca, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene and more.

Discover the Difference We Can Make

If you’ve been considering learning support for your child, perhaps you’ve already researched based on recommendations or by looking for an “executive function tutor near me.” At Teachers Who Tutor, our team’s expertise as executive functioning tutors extends beyond subject area support to the study and organizational skills that will allow your child to become a more successful student, improve grades in school, and, most importantly gain confidence in how to approach major tasks both inside and out of the classroom.

Hire an NYC tutor for executive function skills like homework completion and good study habits for students online and in NYC. Executive function tutor near me.

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