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At Teachers Who Tutor NYC, we pride ourselves on providing the most professional, kind, and educated tutors in New York.  All of our tutors are teachers themselves with master’s degrees who have years of experience teaching at prestigious NYC schools. Our primary purpose is to support children and teenagers with the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. We customize our tutoring plans to enhance each student’s strengths, work on areas of improvement, and allow room for growth so that students can become independent, lifelong learners. Our English tutors are ready to help. Whether you are looking for a reading tutor or an essay tutor, Teachers Who Tutor will help your child with homework, test prep, and more.

Finding the Right Tutor

We know how stressful it can be to find a tutor that is a good fit for your child’s personality and schedule. That is why we match children with teachers based on academic performance and long-term goals. Furthermore, your child will receive a customized tutoring plan so that individual learning styles and goals are prioritized every step of the way.

So, whether you need a reading tutor, English writing tutor, or essay tutor for your child’s history or English homework, we will pair you with the perfect teacher to make learning exciting and fun.

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What to Expect from Our Tutors

Our tutors in Teachers Who Tutor NYC go above and beyond the goal of merely passing tests. We also focus on children’s enrichment and executive functioning so that students can grow into independent learners with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the classroom and in the real world.

For instance, a reading tutor will provide your child with the tools they need to improve reading comprehension. Eventually, your child will incorporate strategies on their own and see improvement in grades as well as develop a love of reading.

Our tutors provide weekly progress and feedback check-ins. Parents will always be aware of the progress made, areas of improvement, and actionable next steps to reach goals. We’re here to take the stress out of homework for both you and your child.

English Tutors

Our English tutors are highly experienced in every topic covered in English, from reading and comprehension to vocabulary and writing essays. Our reading tutors will help your child develop the skills needed to read and understand texts for every grade level and test. Furthermore, we also have English writing tutors with extensive experience in all genres of writing. Finally, our essay tutors are experts in composing strong essays for homework assignments, reports, projects, and standardized tests.

Our English tutors understand the importance of critical reading and writing skills inside and outside of the classroom. We will work with your child to develop essential English skills to support their academic success and instill an appreciation of the written word.

Meet Our English Tutors

Amanda Briggs

Amanda has taught literature and creative writing for ten years and has worked for co-educational and single-gender private schools in New York City. Adept at supporting students from various age groups, Amanda is an experienced Middle and Upper School English teacher. At The Hewitt School, she attended numerous workshops at the Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking, and over thirty of her students garnered recognition from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for analytical and creative work. A double major in English and history with a B.A. from Duke University where she graduated magna cum laude, Amanda received her M.F.A. in fiction from The Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Amanda enjoys helping students strengthen their reading and writing skills. She is also a published fiction writer and recently received a Merit Scholarship from The Art Students League of New York for her visual art. Her paintings have been exhibited at the Manhattan Borough President’s Office and as part of The Art Students League’s Community Outreach Program.

Ben Otto

Ben has been teaching in the NYC DOE since 2017 and has taught texts and grade levels across the spectrum of ELA. He currently teaches an introductory course on Climate Justice for freshmen at his school in Manhattan. Ben has a strong foundation in classical literature and enjoys contemporary literature as well, especially poetry. Ben has a masters degree in Special Education from St. John’s University and has worked one-on-one with hundreds of students. Ben primarily works with middle and high schoolers and loves helping students with writing, reading skills and executive functioning and organization skills. Ben approaches his teaching in a way where process and purpose are the primary focus and students are given resources, skills and ideas that they can continue to use on their own across disciplines and into the future. He likes to challenge his students in a way where they can grow more resilient and resourceful while regularly celebrating wins, big and small. Ben is an avid surfer and naturalist, taking joy from being in the ocean, camping, running and all things outdoors. Among his diverse interests, he is also a skateboarder and an actor in his free time.

Brad Wetherell

Brad teaches upper school English at Friends Academy. In addition to teaching grades 9 through 12, he created the Friends Academy Writing Center, where he tutors students one-on-one for their History and English essays. He has instructed academic writing as a Lecturer in the University of Michigan’s English Department Writing Program and creative writing at both Saint Albans School in Washington, DC and Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. An English major with a BA from the University of Connecticut, where he graduated magna cum laude, he went on to work in editorial book publishing before earning an MFA from the University of Michigan. In addition to being a teacher, Brad’s own short stories and essays have been widely published. Personal essays are a favorite genre of his, and he particularly enjoys helping students think through college admission essays.

Casey O’Leary

Casey is currently attending Teachers College, where he will earn his Ed.M in counseling psychology. Through last year, he taught English and Latin at Ethical Culture Fieldston School. Having grown up in New York City, Casey attended Regis High School and then Harvard College, where he studied Classics, earning a bachelor’s degree in the field as well as a citation in Spanish. Since graduating, he has taught Latin, English, math, and ESL for four years. Outside of the classroom, Casey enjoys fitness, films, fashion, and foreign cultures and languages.

Caio Posner

Caio has taught English in New York City since 2015. After completing the New York City Teaching Fellows program, Caio taught English and ESL at a public high school devoted to teaching first-generation immigrant students. This experience taught him the value of socio-emotional learning practices, along with the need to differentiate and individualize instructional practices. From there, Caio transitioned to teaching at an independent school in Brooklyn, whose curriculum was AP-focused and academically accelerated; Caio spent his final two years teaching AP Literature and Composition, with a near one hundred percent pass rate average over these two years. Caio is equipped to teach a variety of ELA-centered instruction, from grammar and foundational paragraph writing to higher-level analytical and research-based essay writing. Caio graduated with a bachelors in English from The New School, and received his masters in education from Hunter College; he’s currently attending another masters program in teaching from the University of Toronto. In his free time, Caio enjoys playing music, being outdoors to hike or camp, and reading.

Caitlin O’Leary

Caitlin currently teaches English to sophomores and seniors at an all-girls school in Manhattan. After graduating as Valedictorian from Marymount School, Caitlin matriculated to Harvard, graduating cum laude with a B.A. in English and a citation in French. Caitlin then earned her M.A. in English from Georgetown and her M.A. in English Education from Columbia University Teachers College. Caitlin is passionate about helping students with the writing process.

Clare Sestanovich

Clare is a writer and editor with a passion for teaching, who has worked with a wide array of students, from middle-schoolers to undergraduates. Most recently, she worked as an associate editor at The New Yorker, while also writing her debut book of fiction, published by Knopf in 2021. She received her Master of Fine Arts from NYU in 2017, where she taught creative-writing to undergraduates. Clare graduated summa cum laude from Yale, where she majored in English and pursued education and child-development coursework. In New Haven, she co-directed and taught at the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation, an academic summer program for public-school students. In her free time, Clare is an avid reader, runner, and experimenter in the kitchen, where she rarely cooks the same recipe twice.

Chrissy Corcoran

Chrissy teaches AP Seminar and College Seminar courses at an Achievement First Charter School in Brooklyn, and assists the College and Career Department in supporting students through the college application process, including one-on-one essay writing instruction. Chrissy graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a B.A. in Psychology, and an M.A.T. in English Education. During that time, she worked as a Graduate Assistant, allowing her opportunities to present at conferences and co-author published articles discussing pedagogical approaches to English instruction. Her writing and teaching experiences have developed a sense of creativity in the way Chrissy is able to approach one-on-one support and instruction for a variety of subjects and purposes.

Christine Saraco

Christine currently teaches middle school English and World Literature at the Spence School.  Previously, she was a middle school English teacher at an independent school in Philadelphia.  Christine has experience teaching students in 5th-12th grade, as well as working one on one with students in kindergarten through undergraduate settings.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from Ursinus College and a Master of Arts in Education from Saint Joseph’s University.  She is also a certified Reading Specialist K-12.  Christine is passionate about assisting students with critical and creative writing pieces, discussing and close-reading texts, and helping students employ executive functioning strategies.  She is looking forward to working with students to foster a love of reading and a confidence in themselves. 

Dan Reiss

Dan has spent a decade teaching English, humanities, and literature courses, primarily in New York City. He originally taught High School English in Colorado, before spending the last eight years teaching 9th grade Literature and 11th/12th grade English seminars in New York. He also has experience teaching Test Prep and Film Studies, and has tutored middle and high school students in a range of subjects, as well as supported them with study strategies and organization. He is an alumnus of Boston College, where he graduated with a BA in English and Communications, and has also completed extensive Masters coursework in educational instruction and special education. He cares deeply about innovative and inquiry-based learning, and making sure students find the joy in writing and reading. Dan tailors his work with students to their needs and strengths, and strives to empower and equip them with the tools for success in their educational futures. When he isn’t working directly with students, Dan enjoys writing flash fiction, reading mystery novels, and exploring New York City’s many parks.

Dara Shapiro

Dara teaches high school junior and senior English at International School for Liberal Arts in the Bronx. Additionally, she has tutored elementary, middle school, and high school students in ELA and test prep. Dara graduated cum laude from New York University with a BA in English Literature and a minor in History. She received her MA in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dara thoroughly enjoys helping students with reading comprehension and essay writing, and she loves watching students find their voices through reading and writing.

Elizabeth Healy

Elizabeth teaches high school English at LaGuardia High School. Over the past 11 years, she has taught a range of classes and levels, from grades 9-12, including AP Literature. She has particular expertise in the college essay and personal statement, having completed training with Story to College and College Summit and provided one-on-one college essay coaching to hundreds of students. Elizabeth is a graduate of Williams College in Massachusetts and Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. She relishes the chance to take in museums, shows, and music in New York City and sings in the Manhattan Choral Ensemble.

Erin Bauer

Erin currently teaches AP Language and Composition at a public high school in Brooklyn, and previously taught sixth grade where she worked with many students on a middle school reading level. Erin has been teaching English in New York City since 2002. Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Boston University, a master’s in secondary English education from Brooklyn College, and a master’s in global public health from NYU.

Evan Burns

A former Principal and Dean of Instruction, Evan currently serves as Director of Leadership Development at Democracy Prep Public Schools. Previously, he taught English literature and Spanish, and was honored with Blackboard’s “Excellence in Teaching” award. Evan is passionate about scholars of all ages and currently works with students, teachers, and school leaders across the city to ensure excellent instruction exists in all classrooms. As a tutor, Evan enjoys seeing students make real progress on measurable goals. Growth in academics comes with growth in self-confidence and scholars’ ability to navigate academic challenges independently. When Evan is not working in schools, he enjoys exploring New York City with his wife and dog, playing volleyball with friends, and making trips to Boston and Baltimore where his family members reside.

Eve Becker

Eve has taught English, Humanities, and writing in New York City for three decades, to K-12 students and educators, most recently as a middle school English teacher at The School at Columbia University. Prior to teaching, Eve was a writer and editor in both print and digital publishing. She was awarded the nationally acclaimed Pushcart Prize for a personal essay, “Final Concert,” and is the author of over thirty published young adult novels. She is the founder and director of Leaf and Pen, an organization that runs writing retreats and workshops for educators. As a one-on-one tutor, Eve has developed a large, flexible and well-tested toolkit of strategies to meet the needs of every kind of learner, and grow capable, confident, and enthusiastic readers and writers. Eve truly loves working with young people, and offers the right blend of warmth and structure to help them succeed.

Elizabeth Weckhurst

Elizabeth has taught and tutored writing, research skills, and literature for over ten years and has worked with students from pre-K through college and beyond. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, she received her BA in English and Rhetoric with Highest Honors from UC Berkeley and her PhD in English from Harvard, where she taught large lecture courses, small research seminars, and independent study courses, in subjects ranging from “The Bible as Literature” and “English Literature: 700-1700” to interdisciplinary courses such as “Shakespeare and Music” and “The Graphic Novel.” Many of her students and academic advisees received departmental awards in recognition of the quality of their written work and creative projects. Most recently, Elizabeth has worked for Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City leading a team of Content Specialists developing curriculum for the High School ELA Program. In her free time, Elizabeth is an enthusiastic traveler and explorer who loves long walks, spirited conversation, and lofty long-term writing projects.

Gary Schmidt

Gary teaches literature and writing at the Grace Church High School in downtown Manhattan. A PhD graduate of Harvard University and the University of California (Berkeley), Gary has 25 years of teaching experience, much of which has been at independent schools. He has also taught English and writing at many prestigious institutions, including Harvard, UC-Berkeley, Boston University, Stanford University, and the College of the Holy Cross.

Gila Yarmush

Gila is a NYC public school 7th-grade Humanities (ELA and Social Studies) teacher. Prior to teaching middle school, Gila taught high school Global History as a New York City Teach for America corps member. Gila majored in History at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women and earned her master’s in Teaching from Fordham University. Gila wants to help her students to love learning, appreciate the process of learning, and feel confident in the classroom.

Grace Gvodas

Grace has been teaching middle school English in NYC since completing her undergraduate degree in English and Theology from Boston College in 2020. She spent her first three years at a charter school in the South Bronx, during which she received her M.A.T. from Relay Graduate School of Education, and currently teaches at an all-girls school in Manhattan. As the oldest of five girls, Grace felt called to be a teacher from a young age and finds delight in the lively conversations that reading and writing so often spark. In her free time, Grace enjoys attempting The New Yorker crossword puzzle, reading on the subway, and playing with her one-eyed black cat.

Gwendolyn Page

Ms. Gwendolyn Page has worked in education for nearly fifteen years. She has taught and tutored high school English in public schools in both New York and Virginia and at a charter school in Brooklyn for the past four years, where she also served as Academic Dean of the Humanities. Ms. Page has expertise in tutoring for the SAT and ACT, and she completed the Princeton Review training in 2018. Ms. Page has also worked with students to build, revise, and finesse their college essays and personal statements. Ms. Page was born and raised on Long Island and earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at James Madison University in Virginia. Ms. Page is passionate about cultivating life-long learning in her students and opening their hearts and minds to the art of writing. She is eager to encourage students to not only become more critical in their reception of the messages that constantly barrage them, but also more savvy in crafting the arguments they convey to others.

Jonathan Ruelens

Jonathan has been teaching middle and high school English and History for 13 years. After several years in New York teaching at the Dwight and Chapin Schools, he is now teaching at the International School of Florence, in Italy. He has also taught U.S. History at the City University of New York. Jonathan has many years of experience teaching International Baccalaureate History and English, and his IB students have earned scores well above the IB world average. Jonathan encourages his pupils to publish their best work, and many of his students have won Scholastic writing prizes. The National Council of Teachers of English has recognized the excellence of several student literary magazines he has advised.  Jonathan earned a B.A. and M.A. in History, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, with a specialization in middle and high school English and Social Studies teaching. Jonathan has worked as a tutor for many years, helping students with reading comprehension,  research, writing process, and executive functioning skills.

Jonathan Wilcove

Jonathan is Head of the Upper School English Department at the Chapin School, where he has taught for the past 13 years. Before teaching at Chapin, Jonathan was an Upper School Learning Specialist and English teacher at the Collegiate School for nearly a decade, giving him insight into the different learning styles and needs of students. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and received a Ph.D. from Columbia University’s Teachers College. Jonathan enjoys working with students and helping them become strong, self-sufficient thinkers, readers, and writers.

Kannan Mahadevan

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Chicago, Kannan earned his M.F.A. in fiction from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He has tutored in New York at the middle and high school level, specializing in English and the SSAT/ISEE. In addition, he has taught Creative Writing and Composition at the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College, and every summer teaches Food Writing to University of Maryland students studying abroad in Rome. He has also worked as a passage writer for a major college-entrance assessment company. Kannan recently finished a fiction fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and is at work on a novel.

Kerry McKibbin

Kerry has been an educator in New York City for the past two decades as a classroom teacher, teacher educator, professional development coach, and learning specialist. She began as a middle and high school history and English teacher in Manhattan, and then moved into teacher education where she worked with classroom teachers on deepening their understandings of and approaches to teaching writing. She has most recently tutored undergraduate students with a focus on developing their writing as well as executive function and study skills. Kerry received her M.A. and doctorate in education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. She lives in the Bronx with her family, thinks old-fashioned letter writing should make a comeback and loves wandering through bookstores.

Laura Jordan

Laura, a National Board Certified Teacher, has taught English Language Arts, Reading, English Language Development, and Physical Education at the middle school and high school level for 25 years.  Her innovative techniques earned Laura the Kay Mervar Outstanding Reading Teacher Award and the Jared Polis Teacher Recognition Award. Laura has been an academic tutor for a range of students, from elementary school early readers to college students to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Laura’s tutoring approach centers and uplifts each individual student; she works to understand students’ strengths and interests and helps them to find personal connections with the content so they can use their learning to empower their lives.   Laura earned her B.A. in English Literature and Master’s Degrees in both K-12 Literacy and K-12 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education from the University of Colorado.  She spent 10 years on faculty at the University of Colorado, teaching Literacy and Differentiated Instruction in the School of Education. Laura currently serves as an educational consultant in New York City, working with teachers and administrators to improve their instruction through culturally responsive practices that increase both the rigor and the relevance in middle school and high school classrooms. In her leisure time, Laura coaches alpine ski racing and junior national volleyball.
Photo of Lucy Ashe

Lucy Ashe

Lucy has thirteen years of high school teaching experience. She studied English Literature at St Hugh’s College, Oxford University, and has an MA Oxon in English Literature and Language. She then obtained a PGCE teaching qualification, with Qualified Teacher Status. After four years teaching English Language and Literature at Stowe School, UK, she moved to Harrow School in London. She taught English at Harrow School for nine years and was the Head of English and Senior Head of Subjects, before moving to New York City in 2023. She is also a novelist of historical fiction, and her novels have been published globally. Lucy enjoys working with students on their creative writing, as well as providing guidance on their reading and their literature essays. She has supported many students in their university applications and her students have gone on to study at top universities in the UK and US.

Mackenzie Nikolova

Mackenzie currently teaches AP Language and Composition and Honors British Literature at Fiorello H. LaGuardia School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in English literature at John Carroll University in Cleveland and graduated summa cum laude with a master’s in Secondary English Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where her graduate thesis centered on critical literacy in the high school classroom. Her literature expertise is in nineteenth and twentieth century American literature, and she is especially skilled in the English Regents exam and AP Language and Composition exam. In addition to this, Mackenzie has also tutored students in grades 3-8.

Marina Podokshik

Marina has spent the last fourteen years teaching English to sixth and seventh grade students throughout New York City. She serves as an instructional leader and model teacher, helping other teachers improve their practice. She received a BA in English and Public Relations from Syracuse University and a Masters degree in Secondary English Education from Fordham University. She also holds a Masters degree from Alfred University in School Counseling. As a tutor, she has worked with students of all ages in improving their reading and writing skills, getting them ready for state exams, and helping them craft the perfect college essay. She loves teaching and is happiest when she sees her kids grow in ways they didn’t think they originally could.

Paloma Yannakakis

Paloma has taught literature, composition, and creative writing for over thirteen years at the college level and in independent schools. She currently teaches Humanities and English electives at an independent school in New York City, in addition to managing the Writing Center, where she works with students on their writing projects and college essays. Paloma has a strong foundation in comparative literature and creative writing. A graduate of Harvard College, she then received a PhD in comparative literature from Cornell University and an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Whether in the classroom or at the Writing center, she enjoys helping students fulfill their academic and personal potential while tailoring lessons to their diverse needs. An avid art enthusiast, outside the classroom, Paloma takes advantage of the city’s vibrant cultural life and being outdoors.

Rod Alonzo

Rod Alonzo is currently teaching third grade at the Speyer Legacy School in Manhattan. He has been a classroom teacher for the past thirty years. He specializes in Language Arts and writing skills and served as a middle school English teacher for seven years. He also teaches a course for eighth graders who are working on application essays for high school. Rod taught K-2 at Saint Ann’s school for twelve years and then taught middle school history and English at the Berkeley Carroll School for four. He was a founding teacher at the Speyer Legacy School where, over fifteen years, he has taught K-6, specializing in Language Arts. During his years as a teacher, he has regularly served as a writing tutor for many New York City students from a variety of different schools. Rod also plays guitar and teaches guitar lessons as well.

Shannon Potts

Shannon teaches English and serves as the Middle School Coordinator at the Special Music School. She has a BA in English Teaching and an MAT in Secondary Education from the University of New Hampshire. Shannon also holds an MA from Columbia University’s Teachers College. She has tutored students in writing, reading, test prep and organizational support for the past ten years. Shannon has also served as a summer residential staff member and teacher at the Lawrenceville School, Phillips Exeter Academy Teacher’s College REACH Summer Bridge program, and Columbia University’s Summer Humanities and Engineering Academy.

Steven Bender

Steven Bender has taught English at the Dalton School in Manhattan for the last 37 years. He was chairman of the department for six of those years, and has worked with countless students both in the classroom and in the Dalton lab system. He created and taught more than 20 different electives, as well as teaching every course in the high school English curriculum. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Franklin & Marshall College, and attained his graduate degree in English (ABD) from Princeton University. In addition to winning awards for excellence in teaching from Dalton, he has performed on stage and screen as a stand-up comedian and magician, and was a recipient of Thomas J. Watson and NEH fellowships.

Tomas Unger

Tomas taught high school English for a number of years at Milton Academy, a college preparatory school near Boston, before returning to New York City. He taught beforehand at the college level and has tutored students ranging from middle school to graduate school for nearly a decade on subjects encompassing English coursework, admissions essays, standardized tests, and creative writing. He has additional expertise working with international students. After majoring in English with distinction at Yale, where he received several departmental prizes, Tomas went on to pursue an MFA in Poetry; his poetry and criticism have appeared in magazines including The New York Review of Books, The Paris Review, and The Yale Review. Throughout his years in the classroom, Tomas has enjoyed continuing to tutor a broad array of students, helping individuals of wide-ranging abilities and confidence levels find a new sense of assurance as readers, writers, and thinkers. When it comes to the arts more broadly, Tomas has a particular interest in film and photography. Outside of his life in teaching and tutoring, he has worked at a bookstore, a publishing house, and two law firms.

Troy Patterson

Troy Patterson is a high-school English Teacher at St. Ann’s, an independent school in Brooklyn where he currently teaches a writing seminar.Troy has also taught at Columbia University as both a professor in the Graduate School of Journalism and as an instructor in programs for high-school students.  He has an A.B. in English Literature from Princeton University. Troy’s areas of expertise include 20th-Century fiction; Black literature; poetry; the British novel; rhetoric and composition; film, art, media, and popular culture. He has also published a broad range of journalism and criticism in publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Slate.

Yewon Kim

Yewon is an accomplished educator with a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Virginia, specializing in secondary ELA education. Her experience is characterized by a wide breadth of expertise, including extensive tutoring in foreign languages, math, and science. Yewon also works closely with students facing learning challenges, especially those in need of executive functioning support. Over the past five years, Yewon has worked both abroad in Chile as an English Language Specialist for the United Nations and within the NYC school system. Currently, she serves as an IB Biology teacher at the Brooklyn Latin School, where she continues to expand her versatility as an educator. In her free time, Yewon instructs cello lessons for young people and enjoys traveling to experience new cultures and cuisines.