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At Teachers Who Tutor, we pride ourselves on working with the best writing tutors in New York and across the country. Our writing teachers are selected for their strengths in diagnosing the obstacles, whether it’s the fear of the blank page, how to formulate a thesis, what literary analysis means, or how to outline and proofread. If you’re wondering about tutoring prices, it is important to consider the level of expertise of teachers, and the fact that our NYC writing tutors are the best in the world. We work exclusively with professional educators who have seen every problem and can model best practices to build independent learners who won’t rely on a private tutor; instead, students learn to become independent writers who no longer dread it when the teacher assigns an essay.

A good writing tutor will get to know a student in terms of their academic and extracurricular interests. That way, when it comes time to delve into the work itself, our private reading tutor already knows how the student might best approach each problem. The first and most important step when confronting an essay is to break it down into small steps. Instead of viewing a writing assignment as a single overwhelming task, we recommend dividing it into the following steps:

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How to brainstorm

Brainstorming can be an effective way to get initial ideas down without worrying about technicalities. There is, however, a marked difference between unfocused brainstorming and productive brainstorming. Randomly jotting down words or thoughts associated with the topic won’t be productive. Instead, try to group ideas into categories that can later be built into an outline. When searching for online writing tutors, people often find unaccredited or college kids who will ask for a series of thoughts associated with the assignment. If the line of inquiry and content are not directly relevant, the results will not help to further your work.

How to write an outline

After brainstorming, start with a thesis and use specific examples to make it more specific; or start with the examples and see if a natural thesis begins to emerge. Often, students have difficulty starting their writing. Some teachers recommend they begin with quotations from the text that are related to one another and then find a thesis, or their main argument, for the paper. Others suggest beginning with a working thesis that they can revise and refine as they continue to gather evidence. In our experience, a combination of these two approaches tends to work best. In either case, the thesis should be the first and then the abiding focus for the paper. It should not only present the student’s argument but also provide the reader with a road map of the essay’s central points in the order in which they will appear in the rest of the paper.

Teachers have different expectations for outlines: While some are looking for detail, others are okay with a simpler structure. Unless the teacher specifically asks for it, your child should try not to get too bogged down in using proper formatting.

In any outline, it is your child’s argumentation, not formatting, that matters most. So our creative writing tutors will work with your child on compiling the thesis along with the supporting examples into a document that will be a working outline. It will contain the ideas and then the analysis of the evidence.

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How to analyze

For an English essay, analysis requires an explanation of the evidence and its significance, as well as how the author’s craft contributes to the main idea. What do these words, or this fact, demonstrate beyond the obvious? Analysis does not mean paraphrasing. Students should avoid merely restating the meaning of the evidence. Instead, they should address both the content (what is important about the quotation?) and the craft (how do specific word choices and literary devices such as figurative language like metaphors, similes, and personification demonstrate the author’s intent?). Our  NYC writing tutors can help a student make sure that analysis connects back to the main argument in the paragraph, which should be its first sentence, usually referred to as a topic sentence.

How to write a rough draft

Once students have locked in their theses and outlines, our tutors will walk them through the connective tissue that remains. How to set up quotations, how to use transitions: these are questions most students have, and ones we will certainly answer for them. Though a tutoring center near me has value and should be the first stop for your child, a private writing tutor in NYC is able to give more attention for longer periods of time.

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How to edit an essay

Many students race through their work and hand it in too quickly. Our NYC writing tutors will help your child learn that being “finished” doesn’t just mean the writing itself is done. It means the work is printed out and read aloud, pencil in hand, for both logic on one hand and grammar and usage on the other.

Any constructive writing class will help you avoid certain pitfalls when it comes to writing an essay. Our private writing tutors often see the following problems:

Homophones and apostrophe usage. Whether or not your child struggles with spelling, homophones tend to be difficult, high-frequency words. For there/their/they’re, students often benefit from old-fashioned repetition of the usage of each of these words contextually, and also with fun and helpful hints or mnemonics. For example, they can remember that “there” is location-based because the word “here” is part of it. Even college student essay tutors will bring these up frequently.

Incomplete or run-on sentences. Instead of inundating your child with a barrage of grammar rules you vaguely remember from your childhood—“Never split infinitives!” “What does that mean, and why?” “I’m not really sure!”—our teachers will focus on the very basics. We will help your child find a verb (usually an action word) and a subject (person, place, thing, or idea) that “does” the verb. As long as there’s a clear subject for each clear verb, the sentence will be complete.

Run-on sentences are also common in middle school writing. Say you’re looking for a 5th grade writing tutor. We will be able to help students see that, contrary to what many believe, run-ons don’t need to be long. To determine if the sentence is a run-on, it is often helpful for students to ask themselves if they can replace a comma with a period. If the answer is yes, the sentence is a run-on. (This type of run-on is called a comma splice.)

Ambiguous pronouns (especially “this”). As a rule, “this” and “that” should always be followed with a noun to make the antecedent (or subject being referred to) clear. Any great tutor for essay writing can provide a list of such examples, but writing tutors for college students should especially focus on eliminating this vague type of construct.

Accidental word repetition. A middle school writing tutor can help students edit to make sure words aren’t repeated in the same sentence—or even paragraph—unless necessary. The best way to catch repetition, and to make all edits for that matter, is to ask your child to read her work aloud. It doesn’t matter if anyone else is listening; hearing the text will allow them to catch easily avoidable errors and improve their writing.

Clichés. The first time someone said the phrase, “It’s raining cats and dogs,” can you imagine the effect it had? Picturing actual cats and dogs flying through the air and landing on cars, houses, the street? That’s a lot of rain! A 4th grade writing tutor can explain that now that the expression is so common, people hear it and just see the rain. Students should avoid expressions that are so overused as to have lost their meaning, and instead use their own words to describe a specific phenomenon.

Weak verbs and nouns with adverbs and adjectives. If you’re looking for a 3rd grade writing tutor, you might want someone who can explain that “Mansion” is better than “big house.” “Sprinted” is better than “ran quickly.” Help your child learn to find the most precise, efficient, and compelling way to express her thoughts.

Lack of variety in sentence structure. Many students repeat the use of a simple sentence structure of subject + verb + object. There are myriad ways to make revisions, but a high school writing tutor can show how it’s helpful to think about starting sentences with dependent clauses or -ing verbs (gerunds) that allow for different sentence con- structions.

If you’re looking for online writing tutors, our teachers are happy to work with you through Zoom or Google Classroom anywhere in the world.