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If you’re searching for the best NYC tutoring service for your child, Teachers Who Tutor NYC offers the most effective private tutors in the region. Our highly experienced teachers with master’s level education create a supportive learning environment tailored to your child’s specific needs. Our school tutors help children and adolescents in grades K-12 experience the joy of academic achievement while building their confidence to succeed outside of the classroom. From executive function coaching to advanced placement high school courses to test preparation for college admission, our deep network of highly qualified educators work with your child and your child’s school to ensure success.

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What Makes Teachers Who Tutor Unique?

Teachers Who Tutor is a one-of-a-kind New York City tutoring services company staffed entirely by experienced teachers and private tutors – all with master’s degrees – from independent, public, private, and charter schools.  Our school tutors understand the demands of a rigorous curriculum and the value of collaboration with parents and classroom educators. We provide weekly progress updates so that you’ll always know how your child is improving. Most importantly, we identify each child’s specific learning styles and needs and help them use their natural strengths to attain academic success, reach personal goals, and gain confidence as independent learners.


Bully at School. An original illustration from Brian Platzer's article in the Atlantic.

Homeroom: I’m Dreading Parent-Teacher-Conference Day

I feel like it’s my annual performance review, but with my son.

We Offer NYC Tutoring Services
to Improve Independent Learning Skills

Our school tutors are passionate about making a positive impact on your child’s academic journey. As experienced master’s-level teachers, our private tutors assist with homework assignments and tests, but we also deeply care about your child’s long-term results. We’re here to help your child develop the study skills and organizational habits needed to excel as strong, independent learners. Parents can expect to receive the following individualized tutoring services:

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A Plan for Your Child

We build subject-based learning skills and improve study habits.

No other NYC tutoring service can match our personalized approach, and we provide every student with a detailed learning and study plan. Because we are master’s-level educators, our tutors know how to motivate and inspire students to do their best. The goals we set are organized, ambitious, and realistic. We utilize each student’s strengths and work on improving the areas that are the most challenging. We also assess how learning style matches with current classes to align them. The end goal is more successful autonomous learning.

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Weekly Progress Updates for Parents

We provide updates about your child’s private tutoring sessions with clear goals for the future.

We understand the importance of keeping parents in the loop and report weekly or after each session. Our objective is to provide concise, easy-to-understand feedback about your child’s progress with our professional tutors. It will include insights about strengths and the remaining challenges in your children’s work so that you are always apprised of their progress. If applicable, we’ll also suggest potential skill-building and enrichment activities. Learning is more successful when it connects classroom assignments with experiences in the world around us.

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Collaboration with Teachers

Our school tutors provide targeted lessons to support classroom assignments.

We communicate appropriately with classroom teachers as part of our commitment to providing the best tutoring NYC has available. It connects our work with what your child needs to learn in school. But then we go several steps further to introduce and reinforce effective learning and study skills. Two of the most crucial are organization and prioritization – both of which must be present for successful learning. Excellent students don’t succeed by coincidence. They have learned the skills they need to do well consistently across multiple subject areas.

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Working as a

We are professionals who have taught and tutored in NYC independent, charter, private, and public schools.

Our tutors draw on their own experience and work together to provide tutoring and test-prep services that are second to none. Among NYC tutor companies, you won’t find one with higher-caliber educators. We draw upon each other’s knowledge and experience to help students with a wide range of needs. We’re goal-oriented in our approach and always keep parents in the loop. Because we stress consistency, we’ll help your child begin to achieve steady progress that builds over time. The result will be improved learning and study skills that will last a lifetime.

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Joe knew exactly what my teacher was
asking for and what the assignment
question was trying to convey.

I’m thrilled someone finally taught me
how to write!

Ms. Freireich is the perfect combination of kindhearted and brilliant.

She changed my daughter’s whole perspective on school.

There’s something magical about Caitlin.

Not only have [my daughter’s] scores sky-rocketed, but she looks forward to their sessions together.

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