• Article

    Brian wrote an article, “I Run a Tutoring Company. I Get Dozens of Calls a Day About Learning Pods” for The Atlantic.

  • Television Appearance

  • Newspaper

    Abby and Brian wrote an article,"When You’re Not a ‘Math Person’ and Your Kid Needs Help" in the May 2020 New York Times.

  • Newspaper

    Abby and Brian wrote an article in the New York Times advising parents on how to prepare students for the school year.

  • Book

    Abby and Brian’s book, Taking the Stress out of Homework: Organizational, Content-Specific, and Test-Prep Strategies to Help Your Children Help Themselves, will be published by Penguin Random House this summer.

  • Radio

    Abby and Brian discuss homework best practices on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

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