Middle High School Math

Middle High School Math Tutors

  • Jose Mauro Briceño Tutor

    Jose holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Science from the University of California at Berkeley and both an MS and BS in Physics and Math from Utah State University. He is the author of nearly twenty books on math and science topics and many research papers published in international journals. Over the past twenty-five years, he has taught a variety of math and physics courses: upper and lower division college courses, calculus-based science-engineering, graduate-level courses for college students, and physics courses for high school, and middle school students. Jose has also tutored students from public and private schools in math ranging from pre-algebra to trigonometry as well as in physics. In addition, he worked extensively with middle and high school teachers to update and reinforce science and math concepts, and has collaborated with academics from the University of Iowa and the University of Nebraska to found a research center at the University of the Andes, Venezuela, devoted to the promotion, development, and enhancement of math, science, and technology teaching. Some of his most satisfying experiences as a teacher have come from helping struggling students grasp difficult concepts and doing hands-on projects with middle, high school, and college-aged students. He's currently completing a project based on his previous experience leading workshops for teachers on how to best teach hands-on science and math.

  • Megan Butterworth Tutor

    Beginning in 2013, Megan has taught various subjects ranging from grades 4-12. She specializes in Middle and High School math and has a passion for numbers, having taught pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, SAT Prep, Social Studies and Science. Megan graduated from Molloy College with a Masters in Adolescent Math Education. She is currently completing a program to become an Educational Technology Specialist through Molloy. She has privately tutored students of all ages for over 10 years and works with young athletes doing softball clinics and private lessons. Megan enjoys working one on one with students and looks forward to bringing math from the classroom into everyday experiences.

  • Thomas Charroppin Tutor

    Thomas has been teaching Social Studies and Math in New York City since 2007. He currently teaches 7th grade U.S. History at a public school in the West Village, but has spent most of his career teaching high school. He has taught 9th grade global history, 10th grade global history, 11th grade law, 12th grade AP English, French, algebra, geometry, and AP Calculus. His original background is in math, but he ended up earning a BA from NYU in Political Science, and MA from NYU in Social Studies education. Thomas was born in Paris and grew up in France until he moved to the United States at age 17. As a tutor, since Thomas has a background in both math and social studies, he works with students on both numeracy and literacy skills. He also helps students prepare for state tests and Regents exams. He loves robotics, historical true crime books, and STEAM activities on his free time.

  • Jessica Curley Tutor

    Jessica has 8 years of professional teaching experience from grades 6 through 12 in New York public and private schools, as well as over 12 years of tutoring experience. She has taught in a range of classrooms, from a 1-1 setting to groups as large as 40, and served as the mathematics department head at Fusion Academy for the 2015-2016 school year. Jessica holds a New York State Professional Teaching Certificate for grades 5-9, MAT in secondary mathematics from Relay School of Education, and MS in mathematics from Fairfield University. Currently, Jessica is a Data Science Resident helping instruct a remote Data Science Intensive course, which focuses on programming in Python as well as mathematical topics including statistics, probability, calculus, and linear algebra. Before this, she had been teaching integrated math in the Upper School at Avenues the World School, specializing in the Phillips Exeter math curriculum for high school. She is a proponent of inquiry-based learning and believes that exploring the wonders of math can be integrated with the many passions that students have.

  • John Paris Fisher – “Fish” Tutor

    Fish teaches middle school mathematics in District #2 for the NYCDOE. He is a founding teacher at 75 Morton in the West Village and has been teaching middle school math for 4 years. Fish coaches an after school MathCounts club and Flag Football. He also has recently started tutoring and works on strengthening students’ conceptual understanding and building their confidence in math. Fish has 20 years of experience working for a Wall Street Investment Banking firm, on their Institutional Fixed Income Sales & Trading desk. He received his BBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, his MBA from New York University – Stern School of Business, and his Masters in the Art of Teaching from Relay GSE. Fish lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters. When he is not teaching, he enjoys traveling with his family, watching football, cooking, and skiing.

  • Rebecca Graham Tutor

    Rebecca currently teaches Algebra I and Geometry at Millennium Brooklyn High School in Park Slope, and has also taught Advanced Algebra, Statistics, and College Readiness there. She received her Master’s Degree in Urban Special Education, Grades 7-12, from Long Island University. She also serves as the IEP coordinator and specializes in developing a curriculum that is responsive to various learning disabilities and learning styles and developing the executive functioning skills of her students. Prior to teaching at Millennium Rebecca worked at Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts, teaching English, Geometry, Algebra, Economics, History, Literacy, and Public Speaking. Rebecca’s goal as a tutor is to bring joy to learning, build confidence in students and help them develop problem-solving strategies that foster independence, as opposed to rote memorization of steps and facts.

  • Leah Harris Tutor

    Leah has taught math to middle school students, or led middle school math teachers, for the better part of the past 16 years to students all over the city in grades 4-9. She currently works as an Academic Dean, supporting math and science teachers to be even better instructors. She has also tutored many middle school students in math and science and helped create and refine mathematics curricula that are now used at charter schools across the country for students in grades 5-8. These experiences have helped her develop a deep understanding of where and why students struggle as well as the approaches necessary to untangle students’ confusion and address their misconceptions. She earned her B.A. from Kalamazoo College in Michigan, in French Language and Literature and Economics. She then received her Masters in Education from Lehman College and has been working with middle school mathematicians ever since.

  • Simon Jarcho Tutor

    Simon currently teaches tenth grade math at Avenues: The World School in Manhattan and has more than seven years’ experience as a high school teacher of mathematics, statistics, and economics. Simon previously taught Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Statistics, and Discrete Math Topics (TSDMT) to high school students at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and AP Economics, AP Statistics, and FST to high school students at Vermont Academy. He has tutored math to students ranging from grades 6-12. After earning his bachelor’s degree in economics and English literature from Colgate University, Simon received his masters from Columbia University in quantitative methods in the social sciences (applied statistics). As a tutor, he enjoys working with students in a one-on-one setting, as it allows him to tailor his lessons to their individual needs. He believes that learning should be fun, and takes pride in creating a relaxed and comfortable environment, where his students can learn and build confidence.

  • Yabome Kabia Tutor

    Yabome is in her 14th year of teaching middle school mathematics at the Berkeley Carroll School, where she is also the Assistant Director of the Middle School. She began her teaching career as a New York City Teaching Fellow at an arts school in the Bronx, where she was the founding high school math teacher. From there, Yabome moved to San Francisco and joined KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy as the eighth grade chairperson and founding Algebra I teacher. She holds a B.A. in economics and sociology from Boston College and an M.S. in mathematics education from City College. Yabome is passionate about project-based learning and inquiry-based mathematics exploration.

  • Richard Koo Tutor

    Richard has taught math in New York City independent schools for ten years, working with students in both lower and middle school. He graduated from St. John’s University with a master’s in childhood education. Prior to starting his career in teaching, he worked in the financial services industry and earned an M.B.A. in finance from N.Y.U. Stern School of Business and a B.A. in economics from Wesleyan University. He discovered his love for working with children while volunteering through Learning Leaders as a parent volunteer at his daughter’s elementary school. He believes that solutions to math problems can be approached from many different ways, and not through just one set algorithm and encourages his students to always test their thinking.

  • Ari Livne Tutor

    Ari has worked across nearly all middle and high school subjects including test prep—SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, AP Biology, SAT Biology, SAT Math 2, SAT Chemistry, Geometry Regents, and Chemistry Regents—with countless students who attend private and public schools, and has created curricula for students who are homeschooled. A cum laude graduate of Yale College, Ari has tutored students in high school and middle school in all science and math topics. In addition, he taught a range of scientific subjects for the Yale Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center, including Differential Equations, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

  • David McDonough Tutor

    David currently teaches Geometry and Algebra 2 in an ICT setting at Millennium Brooklyn High School in Park Slope. He has worked with students in grades 5-12, in public and charter schools, teaching math, social studies, and ELA in General Education, ICT, and SETTS settings. He received a BA in art from Brooklyn College, and a Master of Science in Urban Special Education Grades 7-12, from Long Island University. As a special educator, David has experience creating individualized student supports, with a particular focus on helping students understand and value their strengths. When tutoring math, David encourages students to find solution pathways they can get excited about through practice, intuition, and creativity.

  • Arkin Mehter Tutor

    Arkin has been teaching science at all levels for 5 years. He currently teaches eighth grade Regents Living Environment and General Science in Queens, NY. He has also tutored Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science, General Science and Algebra at middle school and high school levels for 9 years. Additionally, he has also tutored students for AP as well as Regents exams. He earned a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Earth and Space Science from Stony Brook University and was enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. His goal in tutoring is for his students to foster an independent understanding and curiosity of the natural world as well as to help them cultivate critical thinking skills. Along with his science tutoring experience, Arkin has tutored in middle school common core math, Algebra I+II and Trigonometry over the last several years. His focus in tutoring math (as well as science) is to demystify challenging and technical topics for students with productive discussion and practice. He also aims to uncover the broader purpose of math principles and concepts so that students can internalize content better. In his free time, Arkin enjoys reading, hiking and traveling.

  • Ramsey Merritt Tutor

    Ramsey teaches middle school math at LREI. He holds a master’s degree in mathematics education. Ramsey has previously taught Algebra 2 in the DOE and English as a Second Language in Argentina. In addition to being a college teaching assistant in statistics, he has experience tutoring everything from 3rd grade to Algebra over the years. His coursework in college-level biology/chemistry, undergraduate degree in journalism from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (prior to teaching, he spent 4 years working at the New York Times), and fluency in Spanish makes him particularly well-suited to help students with subjects in addition to math, as well. Ramsey spends his spare time playing competitive volleyball, studying French, and watching 90s sitcom reruns.

  • Benjie Messinger-Barnes Tutor

    Benjie previously taught Middle School Math at the Friends Seminary School, and High School Math and Economics at the Rutgers Preparatory School the previous four years. He completed his undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Economics at Wesleyan University where he was the captain of the Squash team and active in Wesleyan’s local mentoring program. Benjie has an E.d.M in Mathematics Education from Rutgers University, and approaches mathematics with great energy, enthusiasm, and rigor, all of which he hopes to instill into his students. Born and raised in New York City, Benjie loves snowboarding, running, golf, playing tennis, and anything else that will keep him outdoors and active.

  • Hannah Morse Tutor

    Hannah is a sixth-grade math integrated co-teacher at 75 Morton. She previously taught high school math at a special education private school. She has tutored math to students from grades 6 through 12. Due to her special education background, Hannah has experience working with children who are below grade level to help them understand grade level work. She also has had success helping students improve their executive functioning skills and become more confident in their academic abilities. Hannah holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education with a minor in American Sign Language and a Masters Degree in Special Education, both from New York University. When Hannah is not teaching, she enjoys traveling, reading, playing the piano, and listening to music.

  • Zulamis Narcisse Tutor

    Zulamis, known affectionately as Ms. Zuli by her students, always knew that becoming a teacher was her calling. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to a Cuban mother and Jamaican father, the importance of an education was always heavily ingrained. Certified as an Elementary teacher, she graduated with her Masters from Touro College and received her Bachelors from St. Francis College. Ms. Narcisse is now the 6th Grade Math Lead at her current school, specializing in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics. Her belief is that “failure is a great teacher” – Justice Sotomayor. Also that “learning happens through different lenses, but it will happen.”

  • Rahul Patel Tutor

    A graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Biology, Rahul incorporates both classroom and research experience into his lessons. Though he specializes in Environment, Chemistry, and Biology, he is also a gifted test taker, and assists middle school- and high school-aged students on a variety of admissions tests. He has taught 9th grade Living Environment and Health in the New York City public school system. Currently he works with students in temporary housing to ensure their needs are met so they can focus on learning in school. Rahul also brings with him seven years of one-on-one tutoring.

  • Jennie Picconi Tutor

    Jennie has been teaching in the middle and upper school at Riverdale Country School for the past 10 years. She has taught a variety of courses including Math 6, Algebra I, Geometry, Geometry with Algebra, and Algebra II. She is also a math support teacher for the upper school and meets individually with students throughout the school day. These one-on-one meetings provide a place for students to receive additional math support and build confidence. She strives to create a safe learning space for all types of learners. Jennie stresses the importance of efficiency with problem solving and teaches how to implement strategies and approach multi-step problems. Beyond learning mathematical concepts, Jennie also encourages students to study effectively and efficiently and maintain organization within their math work. Outside of the classroom, Jennie coaches girls' lacrosse and enjoys knitting, cooking, and traveling.

  • Jennifer Preissel Tutor

    Jennifer teaches secondary mathematics to juniors and seniors at Millennium Brooklyn High School, one of the New York Post’s “eight hidden gems in the NYC school system.” In this role, she designs and implements rigorous inquiry-based curricula aligned to Common Core standards for differentiated learners in inclusive educational environment. She is trained in the instructional practices of ASD Nest Model, a framework for inclusive education for higher functioning children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through ASD Nest Support Project, NYU Steinhardt, Hunter College and the NYC Department of Education. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies and English from Columbia University and a Master’s in Secondary Mathematics Education from St. John’s University. She loves traveling, cooking and biking throughout all five boroughs of the city.

  • Indu Ramesh Tutor

    Indu has three years experience in education, first teaching High School Chemistry in Newark, NJ, then working as a curriculum designer in New York City, designing lessons in every subject from College Algebra to Canadian History. For the past seven years, she has tutored many students across subjects ranging from Math — from Algebra 1 to Calculus — to science, writing, and SAT/ACT prep. A 2013 graduate of Duke University with dual majors in Biology and English, her diverse experience in education has exposed her to students of remarkably varied learning needs and styles. She’s passionate about the learning process itself, and believes in meeting students’ needs, fostering an open curiosity and love of learning, and emphasizing real-world critical thinking and problem-solving skills. When she’s not tutoring students, you can find her rock climbing, cooking, doing the NYT crossword, or geeking out over the latest podcast. She's also currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science at NYU.

  • Jeff Reeder Tutor

    Jeff teaches math at the NYC iSchool in Soho and has taught high school and college math for ten years. Jeff earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees in math from Cal State Fullerton, and taught in California for five years at the high school and college level before moving to NYC. In his free time, Jeff enjoys working out, playing video games, seeing live music/dj sets, and exploring green spaces in the city. He also enjoys traveling around the world, with a current goal of going to every continent (only two more to go!).

  • Will Roble Tutor

    Will is currently a 6th and 7th grade ‘HIP Thinking through Math’ and 7th grade math teacher at Avenues: The World School. He has been a Mathematics tutor for the last three years, covering topics ranging from basic operations to Algebra II and Trigonometry. Prior to taking a position at Avenues in 2017, Will was Senior Director of Middle School for Achievement First Charter schools for five years, an 8th grade teacher and math coach at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School for one year, a 6th grade teacher and math coach at Rise Academy, a KIPP School in Newark, NJ for four years, and a 6th grade math teacher at the Thomas C. Giordano Middle School 45 in the Bronx for two years. He earned his MS in Teaching (grades K-6) from Pace University and his B.A. from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) in Anthropology and Italian studies. He has worked with students of all academic and socioeconomic backgrounds and loves helping students deeply understand math concepts.

  • Michael Shorr Tutor

    Michael has been a teacher for more than 30 years, currently teaching science and Mastery at Avenues: The World School. He has a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College in chemistry with a focus on biochemistry, earned a masters at Johns Hopkins in the History of Science and graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting. He is a student-centered teacher who specializes in helping students pursue excellence in their areas of academic interest, strengthen their abilities in areas of growth, and develop the grit and confidence of life-long learners. He has experience teaching across the curriculum, including math, science, and writing, and he especially enjoys teaching from a multidisciplinary, hands-on, real-world applications perspective. Fascinated by inventing and design challenges since childhood, he has introduced his students to programming for artificial intelligence, the chemistry of molecular gastronomy, and engineering design challenges using 3D printing.

  • Joseph Tadros Tutor

    Joe currently teaches AP Calculus AB, Physics and Algebra at Hillside Arts and Letters Academy in Jamaica, Queens. Joe has taught for seven years and tutored for five, serving students in different boroughs across NYC. He's also completed over 80 hours of culturally responsive training to continuously develop his pedagogy. Joe received his Masters at St. John’s University in Adolescent Education in Mathematics and his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering at Rutgers University. His goal is to ensure all students find excitement and purpose in each lesson that he teaches. He continues to promote STEM by giving students access to opportunities through mentorship and project-based learning activities.

  • Garrett Teague Tutor

    Garrett currently teaches 7th Grade Math in two integrated co-taught classes at Girl’s Prep Middle School in The Bronx. Prior to his current position, he has worked in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in both general education and special education classrooms. Over the course of his 12-year teaching career, he has had extensive training with various common core aligned Mathematics and English Language Arts programs. Through his training and experiences, he has been able to create engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environments for his students, which have led to growth and success. This has also allowed him to develop an understanding of strategies for differentiated instruction and the means to address misconceptions that children possess in core subject areas, as well as the ability to design multi-tiered learning opportunities that allow children at different stages of their development to access and master content. He is deeply committed to education and very much enjoys working with students of all ages. He looks forward to helping your child accomplish all of their goals and do their very best.

  • Tori Tamu Tutor

    Tori Tamu currently teaches 7th and 8th grade math in the East Village. She has taught 7th and 8th grade in various public schools and has tutored students from elementary to high school. She began her education career at Brown, where she developed an interest in child development and working with students to reach their goals in math and on the SAT. She continued along this path while earning her Master's in Education at Stanford, specializing in the teaching of mathematics, and teaching in San Francisco. Tori is not only passionate about math but also about developing students' growth mindset about math. She truly believes that all students can show high levels of mathematical proficiency and that everyone has a "math brain." When tutoring, Tori works to build students' identities as mathematicians and their confidence around potentially intimidating subject matter.

  • Dominique Voso Tutor

    Dominique teaches upper school math at Riverdale Country School. Prior to this, she taught math at Greenwich Academy and coached swimming. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Bioengineering from Harvard University and her Master's Degree in Secondary Education from University of Pennsylvania. She serves as an advisor for the Riverdale math team. Her experience spans the range from middle to high school levels in math, science, and computer science. Her goal as a tutor is to build confidence and thinking skills, and she believes that math problems can be approached in a variety of valuable ways beyond just one set solution path. Outside of teaching and tutoring, she enjoys doing triathlons, cooking, and reading.

  • Claire Wang Tutor

    Claire has been a high school math and chemistry teacher for over 5 years. She has taught in both public and charter schools. She has taught math courses ranging from algebra 1 to AP Calculus AB. Claire has experience tutoring students in math from grades 3 - 12 and in chemistry. Claire graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied chemistry. She earned her Master’s degree in secondary education the University of Pennsylvania. She is fluent in Chinese and is currently learning Spanish. In her free time, Claire enjoys hiking and traveling.

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