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Teachers Who Tutor offers reading tutoring programs and customized learning. Our NYC reading tutors begin by diagnosing specifically how to best support students both by getting information from parents and teachers as well as thorough assessments that allow the teachers to tailor the curriculum around the needs of each individual student. Our best-in-the-world reading tutoring service prioritizes autonomy, meaning that we see it as our job to further our students’ success by teaching them the skills they need to become independent, proficient readers. We teach students the tools that they need so that they can develop the reading skills and confidence to find and love reading on their own.

Finding the right English reading tutoring near you is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make for a student who is struggling to read or write. The skillset required to read enables nearly every aspect of a student’s life and allows kids to learn history, science, and even math to the fullest extent of their abilities.

Students who struggle with reading and ELA often describe themselves as “bad at reading.” At Teachers Who Tutor, our reading tutors teach students the concrete skills they need to improve, transforming their ability to decode, make inferences, and improve their comprehension, as well as find enjoyment in both assigned texts and texts of their choosing. Our NYC English tutors are professional teachers, so instead of Googling something like “reading tutors near me,” come to the most qualified reading tutoring services in New York and offer your child support from an outstanding group of educators.

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Getting an Early Start

Most parents start thinking about their children as readers in Kindergarten or in the early years of elementary school, when they gain phonemic awareness and work on decoding. While some parents come to us right away to find private English tutors, we typically recommend checking in with your child’s teacher for their assessment before bringing in outside help. Our model is a collaborative one where our tutors are themselves teachers who collaborate with both you and the classroom teachers. By working directly with the classroom teachers, our reading tutors ensure that each student is meeting all of the goals and benchmarks set out in the curriculum. So if you found us by looking for the best online reading tutor NYC has to offer, rest assured that our teachers offer customized programs specifically geared toward meeting the needs of the individual student.

Typically, kindergartens are not fluent English reading students; rather, they begin to understand the sounds, or phonemes of letters and begin to recognize sight words that appear frequently around them. Students might read the day’s schedule, class letters, and perhaps short sentences or brief stories as they progress. Many children interpret the pictures in a book or memorize a short text from previous reads.

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Emergent Reading Skills

Many families reach out to us for reading tutors for Kindergarten or reading tutors for first grade because these years are integral to students’ growth as readers. Our NYC reading tutors provide initial diagnostic work for emergent readers, touching upon all of the following:

  1. We’ll begin by making sure the student is familiar with the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet as well as the corresponding sounds they make.
  2. We’ll help build the sense that letters go from left to right, and from the top of the page to the bottom.
  3. We’ll support students with specific strategies as they learn to read.
  4. At the same time, if you’re interested in a teacher who can tutor reading in NYC as well as comprehension, we’ll ensure that the student is able to follow along while listening to stories, retaining the pertinent information.
  5. Students will be encouraged to sound out letter combinations, forming simple words as well as rhymes that allow students to see how words are built.
  6. We introduce sight words: the most common words that appear in many texts and do not always sound as they are spelled.

Reading in Lower School

Reading tutors for second graders and reading tutors for third graders help students master literacy skills. First through third grade is a time when students vary dramatically in their reading and English skills. Some students are still learning to read, while others are reading to learn. Many students are working to decode words, focused on sounding out letters and recognizing them in words and then sentences. Those who have learned to decode fluently practice comprehension skills, which means understanding a story or narrative. More advanced students understand what they are reading on a literal level but might need help in inferencing, or coming to conclusions based on what they’ve read. By 4th grade, most students read independently, and our tutors work all students to build the confidence and joy in reading that is necessary for children to seek out a book and read it on their own.

Many reading lessons from 3rd and 4th grade reading tutors are dedicated to discussing the narratives of the story. This focus usually entails not only the plot and action taking place, but also a discussion of characters, themes, and reactions to the text. Our English tutors work not only on providing students with concrete skills but also strive to foster a genuine love of reading. Are you unsure where to start when it comes to how to get your kid to love reading? Build confidence, and then find books and series that interest them.

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The Orton-Gillingham method is a systematic (meaning a step-by-step approach), multi-sensory (meaning audio, visual, and physical), and phonetic (relating letters to sounds) approach that we recommend for all students who need extra support when it comes to reading, writing, and spelling. Whether you’re looking for a reading tutoring service to provide help for a first grader or general summer reading help, the Orton-Gillingham method combines brilliant diagnostic tools in a way that fill gaps in learning structure and sequence.

This method is particularly effective for students who:

  1. Are frustrated when it comes to matching sounds with the corresponding letters
  2. Understand which sounds to make, but struggle ordering them correctly to form words
  3. Fear or are intimidated by reading aloud

Specialized reading, spelling, and comprehension methods:

First, some background:
“Multisensory phonics-based methods” are useful for nearly all students but especially benefit those who have difficulty with “whole language” approaches. This group includes but is not limited to dyslexic students and students who struggle with language or memory. They are all wonderful programs, but some teachers and learning specialists prefer one over the others. These programs with structured techniques are used to remediate reading and spelling difficulties.

Wilson Reading System

The Wilson Reading System is based upon the Orton-Gillingham method, but it has a more rigid twelve-step approach. Wilson’s primary goal is to help students develop mastery in reading and spelling.
To tutor reading, Wilson uses many of the same tenets as Orton-Gillingham, but it does so by emphasizing sequence. Our NYC reading tutors will start with sounds, before moving on to syllables, words, sentences, stories, and only then to books.

Our teachers find Wilson particularly effective when students struggle with spelling or frequently have difficulty decoding individual words.

Lindamood or Lindamood Bell

The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program is a wonderful approach when working with Kindergarten through fifth graders who struggle when it comes to the basics of connecting letters to the sounds they make. Lindamood reading tutors for kids use a physical process, helping students feel exactly what is going on when they read in their mouths, lips, tongues, and vocal cords. Our English tutors connect the physical to the words on the page, helping students master what had previously been a gap in the mind-body relationship.

Lindamood can be especially effective for the following students:

  1. Those who struggle with sounds that compose words
  2. Those who skip letters or add additional ones when reading aloud
  3. Those whose reading or speech prevents them from demonstrating their full cognitive abilities
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Reading in Middle School

When students enter fifth and sixth grade with gaps in their reading skills, they tend to become anxious about school in general, and it’s common to wonder how to tutor a child in reading. At this age, students are navigating a new social world at the same time as their academics become notably more challenging. Students are expected to read to learn and all academic subjects become reliant on students’ abilities to process, summarize and comprehend larger amounts of information relatively. Homework assignments are more frequent and challenging and tests, quizzes, and essays can overwhelm students. Consequently, the help of a reading tutor may be a key building block to further your child’s confidence and academic success.

Because discussions become more sophisticated in middle school, students are expected to take notes and annotate the texts they read for homework. We have the best English tutors NYC has to offer, who love teaching annotation techniques, including methods to keep it short. A question mark, an exclamation point, or an abbreviation for a theme or main idea all work well. Lengthy notes are often tiny and difficult to skim. Moreover, these annotations should help students delve into the text, not distance them from it. If it’s not important or striking, students needn’t highlight it. They should annotate whatever is important, striking, or reaction-worthy. Those who over-annotate get bogged down in the process: Reading becomes more difficult and time-consuming, and they have trouble determining what actually matters.

Whether you are the parent of a kindergarten student who needs an enthusiastic reading coach, or a high school student who needs reading help to build stamina, Teachers Who Tutor is here to help.