Drawing upon their expertise as classroom teachers, tutors, and parents, Abby and Brian write the weekly "Homeroom" column for The Atlantic, where they answer a range of questions from parents looking to support their children in and out of school.

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Homeroom: I’m Concerned About Wokeness at My Child’s School

Most of the teachers and parents I talk with just want school to be school.

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Homeroom: When Divorced Parents Have Different Rules

If adults don’t set the same homework expectations, children can get caught in the middle.

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Homeroom: My Kid Can’t Write an Essay Without Having a Meltdown

She gets overwhelmed every time—but breaking the assignment down into smaller steps could help her manage it.

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Homeroom: How Much Homework Is Too Much?

My son does an average of five or six hours of homework every night. Is this normal?

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Homeroom: My Daughter Is Falling Behind

She used to love school. But after a year of remote classes, she is totally unmotivated.

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Homeroom: Returning to the Classroom Might Not Be Easy

Transitioning back to in-person school will be a profound shift. How can I help my son prepare?

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Homeroom: My Son Spends Hours Studying. Then He Forgets Everything.

Are there memory tricks he could be using?

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Homeroom: My Daughter Is Working Too Hard

She’s always been a perfectionist—but in the pandemic, this tendency has gotten worse.

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Homeroom: How Grandparents Can Help With Online Learning

They can be in an especially good position to facilitate honest conversations.

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Homeroom: I Can’t Keep Prodding My Son to Do His Work

How do I know that he’ll be able to work independently when he gets to college?

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Homeroom: Don’t Help Your Kids With Homework

Focus on prioritization and process, not the assignment itself.

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Homeroom: How Can I Teach My Kid to Love Reading?

One daughter can’t bear to put her book down. The other only wants to play dress-up.

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Homeroom: My Kid’s Teacher Doesn’t Like Her

I’ve told my daughter that Ms. G is struggling with her own issues in the pandemic. But getting her out the door is still a nightmare.

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Homeroom: How Can I Get My Child to Finish Her Work?

She says she’s “done” when she’s not. And when I try to intervene, it ends in tears.

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Homeroom: You Can Set Screen-Time Rules That Don’t Ruin Your Kids’ Lives

We don’t want our children spending all day on devices—but we don’t want to deprive them of social outlets in the pandemic, either.

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My Child Is Near Tears Every Day

Our son needs structure, but he also needs to unwind. What should we prioritize?


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